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This RP is set in an alternate universe. It is not based on any books or movies.

The year is 1573. The White Tower is one of Four Remaining Towers that house students aged 16 and up. These students are capable of using magic, either because they have special gifts or because they are chosen by Deities. Those chosen by Deities are also called Riders. Riders are capable of a lot of magical feats but they are mostly known because of their companions, called Muto. They are seen as the protectors and helpers of the world. They are often called upon when there is a magical creature attack, if there are impending wars and conflicts to be resolved. Riders are also known as inventors and scholars, artists and healers. There are very many branches in which Riders can help make the world a better place.

Of course not every Rider is good by nature or anything of the sorts. They are still simply people and have their own personalities, they do not necessarily agree on how to handle things and infighting isn't unheard of. As well as some of them becoming entirely selfish and using their powers simply for their own good. The schools do try to steer their students towards doing good and trying to help others, but of course this isn't always achieved.

The world itself is a mixture of advanced in things such as electronics, science, and equality and on the other hand underdeveloped when it comes to weapons. This mostly because when it comes to wars and conflict magic is mostly used. The development in weapons/explosives is no further than gunpowder weapons. (So no handguns etc.) Most electronic development can be seen in the towns around the Towers. This mostly due to planesight and planetravel by Riders and other magic users. The Towers are connected to each other by a network.

White Tower and the surrounding town are located on the Tiwi Islands in Australia (as it is known on Earth 4), in this world the location is called White Tower Islands. Unlike the Islands on Earth 4, large, snow topped mountains can be found on these Islands. All of the Towers are governed by Riders and Other Magic Users, they have a central ruling body that don't answer to any of the other country leaders.

The other Towers (from which students can of course transfer if this is something you want to do) are:
o The Fallen Tower - Asia - Broken/Gone
o The Ivy Tower - North America - Abandoned since October 29th 1573
o The Ivory Tower - Africa
o The Red Tower - Europe
o The Black Tower - South America

New students are usually found/discovered by Riders and/or people with Foresight. They can be found at any age really and are taken to one of the Towers if they are at least 16. There are special Riders and/or Foresight users assigned to this task. Riders are used because their Mutos can sense the Potential within a future Rider. Those with Foresight are used to find those with other Magic Abilities. These people are called Seekers and usually go out in groups of at least five people, max ten.

If you are missing any information in this profile please whisper a mod, they will either point you in the right direction or the profile will be edited ASAP.

[NOTICE] - If you do not log in to your character for an extended period of time your character will be removed from the list. If you wish the rejoin you might find that certain roles/Deity your character had might be given away. If you know you won't be able to post for a while be sure to inform the mods so we can make an exception.

This is so that we do not have lists full of inactive character. This removing is CHARACTER bound, so if you play multiple characters make sure to keep an eye on this list as well. Create and run characters (aka created a profile and never came back) will be removed after two days unless otherwise specified.

Current Events

This is not a school setting in the traditional sense. Slice of Life -IS- possible, but there are events/monsters/creatures to fight. The 'students' are all being trained. If you have an idea for an event or a side plot that involves multiple characters, please let us know so we can discuss it.

Main Plot

October 29th 1573: This morning everyone woke up in Australia, at the location of the White Tower. It seems everyone and everything, including buildings, have been transferred here overnight, though two days have actually passed. No one is sure how or why this has happened. Those that might have been capable of teleportation are comatose, or at least so deeply asleep that no one can manage to wake them up. The Headmistress and deputy Headmaster of the Ivy Tower are currently discussing circumstances with the Headmaster and deputy Headmaster of the White Tower. For the time being Ivy Tower is abandoned and is likely to remain that way.

October 14th 1573: The adventurers have returned with the third dragon. Currently the following needed dragons have been found: Lore (Gold), Myth (Black) and Hope (Purple). Only one more dragon needs to be found, Faith (Silver). To find the last dragon a group will be going to a world without magic on January 10th. (OOC there will be a zombie apocalypse on this world when the group arrives, however, ICly this isn't known. A separate room will be set up for this quest.)

September 28th 1573: The team to go to the World of Water have left for their adventure. We wish them good luck. In the meantime everything else is as usual upon the island itself.

September 13th 1573: Davy had waited for the hall to fill up. Not that she was going to start any later than eight. Eight was the time the poster said. Of course it was possible others would join them later, but start was the start and all. So as the clock struck the hour, Davy got up to the stage. Good thing she didn't have stage fright or a fear of public speaking and all.

"Alright! For those who don't know me, I'm Davy Avery. And for those that aren't up to speed, I will give you a rundown of what has happened, what we're doing and so on and so forth. So as you might have noticed the world is kind of going to shit. This is in part due to an alien invasion that's pretty much already fucked up Asia, a few others that are apparently fighting among one another and all that. The other part is due to the former Headmaster that has joined forces with the God of Destruction."

She took a moment there so that people could let it sink in. Of course no one had said it publicly so far, thanks for making her the bringer of 'good' news here. Still after about thirty seconds she would raise her hand.

"Yes, I know you've likely never heard of him. Apparently there are two Ruling Deities that were 'lost' ages ago. This being Destruction and Creation. From what we have gathered so far, the God of Destruction was locked away somewhere, but has somehow, probably with the help of our former Headmaster, broken free. This is what has caused most of the chaos that you have been experiencing over the past 7 months or so. People getting abducted, zombie invasion, possibly has something to do with the alien invasion as well, we're not entirely sure. But in the end, most of it is due to his being able to be on our world again."

Another pause while she let her attention roam through the room.

"I know most of you didn't know, I know that the Priests haven't said a word about this, but that's because they don't want to raise any more alarms with the general public than is already going on. Now of course, you're wondering, if Destruction's come back around, where in the hell is Creation? The answer is, we don't know. What we do know, however, is that bringing four specific dragons here, from other worlds, will help us defeat Destruction. Are there Riders out there, grown and trained that would be better suited for this than you? Probably, but here we are. Now, we have already found two of these dragons and brought them here, I'm sure you've seen them, a Golden, named Lore, and a Black one named Myth. In about two weeks we will be going to find a third, a purple dragon named Hope. She is, from what our sources tell us, on a world that mostly consists of water. Or, as it's named in the books 'The World of Atlantis'. Now seeing as it is mostly water, we are assuming, for the time being, that said dragon is being held somewhere under water."

Again she took a moment to let people mutter among one another and all that.

"I know all of this sounds improbable, at best, but it is true. I can't really give you any further proof, I can only tell you what I've seen and what others have seen. Either way, we are hoping people, meaning you, will volunteer to come help us find this dragon. Though considering we are talking 'under water', we will be traveling by submarine, though we don't know whether there are any creatures that might be dangerous for us, we are assuming there will be. Your next question then should be 'uh, how do I use my magic from inside this submarine', easy answer, you don't. We have weapons, cannons, harpoons and the like, which can be charged with magic. We also have several smaller 'pods' that are equiped with similar weapons. Those that are willing and wanting to come with us will have to sign up so they can be instructed in the use of these weapons. The TA's have already received instructions, so you can ask any and all of them for help to instruct you in this. Or you can come to me directly."

Another pause and again she would hold up her hand after a few seconds.

"There are a few additions to this. Anyone that is coming with that has a muto under 5 years, will have their muto physically aged up to 5. Yes, we know, it might not be useful within the submarine, but we are expecting that we will need to go outside of it at some point. Any Vayler that is joining is, part, whole, whichever, will be aged up, physically, to 21. This so that if you do die, you will end up right back here in your bed three days after you've died. We will also post all this information on the information board and the school's website, so that everyone can look up the information at any time they please. Now if there are any questions right now?..."

And this is where Davy would wait for raised hands, so that she could actually answer questions that might be asked.

September 11th 1573: Posters have been put up, Meeting in the Great Hall on Friday September 13th 20:00 (8 PM). Subject: World of Water. Anyone who has any intention on joining in our next off world mission is welcome to come to this meeting. You will get more information here on when and how we will be traveling to and on this world and what the end goal is. If you can't make it to the meeting, but still want to information, please let Davy Avery (House 3) know, she will give you the needed information. (OOC - The meeting will be started as soon as two or more players have joined, you can find the information that has been discussed on the website under 'Events' after.)

August 18th 1573: The group of travellers has returned with the Black Dragon named Myth, they also picked up four travellers from a different time/world.

August 5th 1573: While the Group that has left in May is still gone, the norm seems to be back the Island in general. The demonic birds are gone and calm has been restored.

May 29th 1573: A group of students and TA's have yet again left through a portal to another world. This time with the intention of freeing another dragon of Myth.(Oliver, Denis, Barrett, Denny, Davy, Vadik, Desmond, Lavender, Val, Slyssa)

May 15th 1573: The missing group has returned and brought a golden dragon with them that is now roaming the skies around the Tower. The Demonic Birds are still flying around the world, however Rave (The Red dragon that was brought from the world dubbed as 'Hell World') and Lore (The Golden dragon) are chasing and eating these birds.

May 10th 1573: A group of students and a TA have gone to follow into the world those that are missing are being held to save them. In the meantime it seems like more and more demonic like birds are pouring out of several invisible portals all over the world. They have started attacking animals and humans. The only way to kill them is with magic, Gods Weapons and Iron. They are impervious to elemental magic. (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Electricity)

May 7th 1573: From our current information the following people have disappeared: Headmistress Ferina Muroa, TA's: Roel & Roos Van Velden, Students: Louise Ramone, Cassidy Shannon. At the present time we do not have any information on where these people are. If you have any information, please come forwards, even anonymous tips would be appreciated. Please contact any of the teachers.

May 5th 1573: The power is back on. It is however unclear how the power outage started or how it has been resolved.

May 2nd/3rd 1573: Though all electronics have been cut off in the night from the 2nd of March to the 3rd of March. The power is still down, all electronic devices, even those that were loaded, are dead. No batteries are currently working. Magic can not turn the electronics back on, but can be used for lighting etc.

April 27th - May 5th 1573: Island Carnival
- Week long Spring Carnival. Filled with amusement rides, games of chance and skill, food vendors, merchandise vendors, thrill acts.

April 21st 1573: Luckily the group that had set off to find the abducted students have found their way back, along with the students and three extra. A former ghost, a dragon and someone who claims to be a former demon. They have also come across the possessed Headmistress and managed to dispatch her. So that she could regenerate back on their home world. The portals are still open between the home world and the 'Hell' world.

April 15th 1573: While a telepath was trying to communicate with the Headmistress another entity took over her body. The spirit of the Headmistress has left it.

April 10th 1573: A portal to a hell world has been opened, more portals are popping up around the world. These are invisible to most people, except for Planewalkers and those that have special sorts of visions due to their Gods/Skills. The Headmistress has fallen into a coma.

March 27th 1573: Masked ball.
- Dance for everyone at the school to relieve stress and have some fun amongst one another

March 24th 1573: The shield around the Headmaster's office has been taken down. A banana was used to destroy it. The outcome was a blast that obliterated the entire Island. However all the people on it were saved by two students that could teleport and one that could stop time. (The Island has of course been restored once again)

March 18th 1573: A new Headmistress has been appointed. She has restored the school and surrounding island to the state they were in before the meteorstrikes. Unfortunately she couldn't get the dead back.

March 17th 1573: One of the TA's with the help of one of the students has blown up the entire Tower itself, killing most of the remaining undead horde. The rest have been dispatched by groups of students, a TA and two teachers.

March 14th 1573: It has been found out that almost all the staff at the School, Infirmary and Hospital are undead. They have started attacking the city, students, Riders alike. The students under leadership of a handful of TA's and the few living teachers left have started a counterattack and defense.

March 4th 1573: The dome has been removed and the information on how to remove them has been sent to the other towers as well, where they are all being dropped one by one.

February 27th 1573: After the continuous earthquakes/tremors, all over the world Stingers have started appearing, A body like a centipede with numerous leg and a yellow-tinted transparent belly showing the floating remains of base materials drifting in diseased tides and a scorpion tail with a spiked ball at the end. This creature is rarely seen in the light of day, preferring to use both knowledge and technology to create what is known as 'replicants' from the base materials (humans, animals, etc) gathered. These replicants tend to look a tad off from their original construction - some more than others. (See here)

February 20th 1573: After several days of relative calm, the earth has begun to shake. Not in any enormous way, it is a 4.5 on the Richter magnitude scale. However, there is no epicenter and it seems the entire world is experiencing the same tremors. The tremors also seem to be occurring every 3 hours on the dot. (3 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM etc.) They started at 9 AM local time on Feb. 20th.

Feb 14th - Feb 17th 1573: Love days.
- The three days to show your loved ones how much you care for them - On the 15th there is also a dance for students.

February 9th 1573: There was a rumbling sound... shortly followed by everything starting to shake, heavily, as if there was an earthquake. If anyone would be looking outside they were very unlikely to not notice stars falling down. A lot of them, as if someone was bombarding the world. Shouts could be heard outside, buildings were wiped off the map. The entire world was being pelted with small to medium meteors. It lasted for about two minutes. Though the tremors seemed to continue longer after that.

Feb 3rd - Feb 10th 1573: First Week of School/New School Year.
- New Students will receive their eggs if applicable. Rooms/Houses are assigned. Mentors (4th years) are assigned to the student they will be helping for this schoolyear.

Important (Past) World Events

ASIA - The entire continent has been overrun by a Stinger and its creations, the only reason it hasn't spilled out further being that a dome is keeping them inside. Plans to destroy the entire Asian part of the Eurasian continent are on their way.

The Fallen Tower - Asia AFTER METEOR SHOWER
Anoji_Hira exhaled. He hadn't explained this to anyone here, and most likely wouldn't. Not unless it expressly came up. He wasn't even really sure why he told Louise just now. A moment of vulnerability - she wasn't exactly what he considered a very trust-worthy individual, but they'd had something 'like' a history, and maybe she was the closest thing he considered a friend here at the moment, so it slipped.

"It's not exactly a proud moment of mine. I hit a teacher."

He let that sink in. "I almost beat the teacher to death, actually. And didn't apologize for it. I was expelled out of Fallen. The only Towers that accepted my transfer afterward were either Ivy or Black. I chose Ivy."

Anoji bit down on his tongue a minute, wondering how much of the story he should even reveal. "After the meteors hit, that's when things at Fallen started to take a weird turn. Teachers started to resort to shady tactics. Began turning the place into something more like a miltary camp than a school. Sure, the classes were still in place, and the Rider mentality was still to help the world and all... but the martial training classes really leaned toward a 'no mercy, no tolerance for the weak' mentality. It was a lot to take in, especially because most of the students didn't seem as panicked as the teachers did."

Anoji's eyes seemed distant, re-telling his memories of just the past month, arms now crossed over his chest. "Exhibition sparring matches mid-class turned into 'Pretend that's your enemy. Finish him.' And when a girl didn't, my Weapons Sensei gave her a hardened bokken. Shoved it into her hands and gestured for her to knock her 'enemy' in his temple. She was an Artist for crying out loud. She didn't want to. So instead, Sensei hit her with the bokken. She went down. The entire class gasped, not knowing what they saw. I was the only one that stood up and confronted him. He called me disrespectful. I called him dishonorable. He attacked me with the bokken. I disarmed him and he kept fighting. No one stopped us. No one said a word. Our mutos even fought. And I was expelled as a liability, a livewire, after I refused to apologize to him or my classmates for my reaction."

He snapped his jaw shut and stared at Louise, intense. "I'm glad they didn't strip me of my muto. I'm not even sure if they could do that, but I was certain they would..."

-1545 to 1553. France vs. Japan Magic War

The Houses

Houses are chosen at the start of the fourth year. There are no standard requirements for garments so long as the student and/or teacher does not show their privates or nipples (this goes for both male and female). Classes are not restricted to houses and a choice of house does not restrict you in your choice of classes, it merely indicates where your focus lies. The classes listed here are also not the only classes that are available to you, even in the direction you might choose.

First Two Years

The first two years students are given several general classes and a few separate classes. Those that require the student to be a Rider and those that require a student to be a Magic User. Otherwise these two groups are mixed though.
Classes: e.g.
Healing (Riders & Healers only)
Basic Magic (Riders only)
Information Technology
Mentoring (1st year Riders only, done by 4th years)
Reading & Writing
Arts and Crafts
Muto Care (Riders only)
Dream Walking (Dream Walkers only)


These students favor the arts of War, Conflict and Protection. Many students that graduate from this house will end up becoming leaders in armies, recruited to keep the peace or even become politicians.
Classes: e.g.
Battle Tactics
Battle Magic
Protective Magic


Clerics focus their studies on Healing, Religion and Nature. These students often find themselves in jobs such as healers, priests, caretakers and the like.
Classes: e.g.
Healing Magic


Usually focused on Sciences, Study and Books. Students from this house usually pursue careers in science and teaching, trying to broaden the minds of those around them.
Classes: e.g.


These students are often focused on Invention, Creation and Science. They crave to renew their surroundings and to find better ways to do things. They more often than not find their careers in invention, technology or construction
Classes: e.g.
Electrical Item Creation
Schematic Drawing
Information Technology


Are mostly focused on Inventing, Creation and Science in the magical branch. These students mostly find their way into jobs like alchemist, potions master and magical item inventor
Classes: e.g.
Magical Item Creation
Spell Creation


Students found in this house are usually focused on such things as Writing, Music and Creational Art (e.g. Painting, sculpting etc.). They will often end up becoming artists such as musicians, painters and poets
Classes: e.g.
Art History


Homing & Homing Rules

Homing Below 18

Students below 18 are placed in a communal house. Max. 20 students. These houses are taken care of by Supervisors. Supervisors are usually teachers and their spouses. They have their own living quarters within the house.
Everyone has one person they share a dorm with, a roommate will be assigned at random. (Though you will not be paired with someone of a different gender)
Each dorm has their own bathroom which consists of two sinks, a toilet and a bathtub with shower.
Location: South side of the White Tower Islands

Rules for Students

* Keep noise down from 10 PM to 7 AM on weekdays, 0 AM to 9 AM during the weekend.
* Cleaning is done by resident Piskies and Brownies, leaving out cream, sugar and honey on special saucers is seen as payment. If you do not leave any out your room will be skipped.
* If you have a dispute with another resident and you can not manage to resolve this on your own, please discuss it with a TA or Teacher and they will help you find a fitting solution.
* Alcohol: Age 16 to 18 max percentage 5,6. Age 18 to 21 max percentage 20.
* Drugs: Up to age 21 the only drugs allowed are prescribed by your health care professional and cannabis products. Any other sort of drugs found within your possession will lead to disciplinary measures and the drugs will be confiscated.(Supervisor needs to be informed about any prescribed drugs with a note from the prescribing healthcare professional.)

Ages 18 and up:

Ages 18 and up are housed in a four bedroom, two story house. There are four people to each home, not necessarily in the same House. People you share the house with will be assigned at random. Each student has their own bedroom and bathroom, they share a kitchen, living room and a yard.

Location: North side of the island, near The White Tower Town

Other Important Locations

Great Hall

Special events are held in the Great Hall, such as Grand Feasts, Samhain Party and Dances.

Location: Center, First Floor of the School


The Infirmary is where the sick and wounded get treatment. There is enough room for several students in case of an emergency of greater scale.

Location: Center of the island, right next to the school itself

Teachers Housing

All the Teachers Houses are outfitted with at least the following rooms: Two Bathrooms, Two Bedrooms, One Study, One Living room, One Kitchen and One room to be designated by themselves.
Not all teachers stay on the islands.

Location: Anywhere on the islands


The library is a large building on the south side of the island that seems to mimic the design of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Same domed observatory at the top floor, only with more glass and less brick and similar architecture throughout. It is filled with bookcases, a restricted section (books may be borrowed by students fifth year or higher without permission), a computer corner, several large tables and reading nooks with comfortable pillows.

Location: South Side of the White Tower Islands

Headmistress Ferina Muroa's Office

The office of Professor Muroa. This room is filled with several artifacts and magical items, bookcases and a large desk. This is the room that the Head of School mostly operates from.

Location: East Wing, Tower of the school


Contains work out equipment and a large pool. Of course there are changing areas which are separated per gender.

Location: South Side of the White Tower Islands

Shopping Center

Several shops, cafes, grocery stores etc.

Location: North Side of the White Tower Islands

Special Locations On The Islands

The Grass Company

Coffeeshop/Teahouse where certain drugs are sold alongside the normal coffee and tea. No alcohol is served here. The inside adjusts in size depending on the number of customers so that there is always plenty of room for everyone. There are four different sections, one is filled with beanbags and hookah's, also designated as the Hookah lounge. The Second is filled with simple coffee tables and chairs, the third has several comfortable couches and chairs and the fourth section is in the garden, surrounded by plants and trees with a little pathway through the grass that leads to comfortable seats outside.


Smack down in the middle of town is a little place called All's. The 24/7 bar. You can come, you can drink, you can find your next side chick! Or whichever you feel like! There are couches, a bar, pool table and all the good stuff. Any drink you can think of, the bartenders can and will make for you. We hope you enjoy your time at All's, don't pay attention to the passed out drunks in the corner.


A high end Burlesque/Strip Club

The Love Shack

Karaoke bar. 2 bars, a stage and plenty of tables and chairs. Even a dance floor is available. Waiters and waitresses make rounds. The song list is extensive to the point that one can find just about any song in existance.

Application Rules

How to apply

*01: Whisper one of the mods, keep in mind this is a literate RP.
*02: Make your character's profile
*03: Stick to the rules!
*04: If you are unsure about which house your character should be in discuss this with a mod.
*05: Pets allowed (One for each student): Anything that can not kill people on its own (So no wolves, snakes etc.)
*06:Minimum Ages of students:
First years: 16
Second years: 17
Third years: 18
Fourth years: 19
Fifth years: 20
Sixth years: 21
Seventh years: 22
Have to have turned this age before February 1st!
*07: Once it is decided on which house you will be in, discuss with mod on whether you want and can have any extra role (e.g. Debate Team, Sparring Club)
*08: Send a STILL picture of your faceclaim to the mod and get your profile approved
*09: Post!
*10: If you are proven to be illiterate during the course of the RP you might be asked to leave the RP.

Rules for Characters

*01: Before each roll state what you are rolling for.
*02: If you want your character to have special items/status discuss this with a mod.
*03: Teachers have to be at least 30. Teachers Assistants have to be at least 23.
*04: The Dice Rolling is user discretion. (As in you can if you want, but we're not going to make you)
*05: Please be smart and look it up on the website if you don't know, if you can't find it, ask a moderator
*06: When in doubt, ask a moderator.
*07: Death can happen in PVP combat. However, the reason for said combat would have to make sense ICly. -So there would have to be a legit reason.- You also do have to point out that you are fighting to kill as the combat starts.
*08: If you feel something is treated unfairly you are free to discuss this with a moderator, please take it to whisper or IM.
*09: You are allowed to make two characters with the option to make more upon mod approval when you have proven to be an active player (at least 2 weeks)
*10: Please keep anything higher rated than R (aka smut/sexual content) to Private Rooms or your own IM!!
*11: Yes, you are allowed to play a Muto, make sure you read about them in the Bestiary if this is what you want to play!

Needed for character profiles


Blood Status
Year + age
Muto/Egg simple description with age (if applicable)
God/Goddess and Special Trait (if applicable)
Magic Ability (if applicable)

Example of Student profile:
Louise Ramone


Age - At least 30
Blood Status
Subject Character teaches (One subject for each teacher)
Muto/Egg simple description with age (if applicable)
God/Goddess and Special Trait (if applicable)
Magic Ability (if applicable)
Alma Mater

Example of Teacher profile:
Charles Maxwell III

Teachers Assistant:

Age - At least 23
Blood Status
Subject Character teaches (One subject for each Teachers Assistant)
Muto/Egg simple description with age (if applicable)
God/Goddess and Special Trait (if applicable)
Magic Ability (if applicable)
Head of House (if applicable)
Alma Mater

Example of TA Profile:
Denis Travers

Other Staff:

Blood Status
Muto/Egg simple description with age (if applicable)
God/Goddess and Special Trait (if applicable)
Magic Ability (if applicable)

Example of Other Staff profile:



Example of Muto profile:

General information And Current Staff Status

Houses Info

Each House:

Head of House (Teacher - Former student that was part of the house)

Extra Curricular:

Chess Club
Sparring Club
Swim Team
Gymnastics Team
Beastmaster's Club

If you would like to add a team/club that is not listed here, please inform a mod and it will be added.

Current Staff Status


Ferina Muroa


Italic Teachers are NPC's.

Creative Writing
Magical Items Creation
Basic Magic (Riders Only)
Information Technology
Charms (Riders Only)
Defensive Magic (Riders Only)
Basic Reading & Writing
Arts & Crafts
Curse Breaking (Riders Only)
Muto Care (Riders Only)
Dream Walking (Dream Walkers Only)
Battle Tactics
Battle Magic
Protective Magic
Healing Magic (Riders and Healers Only)
Electrical Item Creation
Schematic Drawing
Spell Creation (Riders Only)
Art History
Foresight (Foresight Only)
Spirit Communication (Communication With Spirits Only)
Planesight (Planesight Only)
Telepathy (Telepaths Only)
Elemental Control (Elemental Control Only)
Adoptive Muscle Memory (Adoptive Muscle Memory Only)

(If you have an idea for other subjects to be taught, please discuss with one of the mods)


Headmistress Ferina Muroa
Deputy Headmaster: Charles Maxwell III
Six Heads of Houses

Other Staff:

Keeper of Keys and Grounds
Head Healer
Assistant Healers
Librarian - 1
School Counselor

Blood Statuses, Riders & Other Magic Abilities

Blood Statuses

None Listed Races

Some characters are not from this world, they have travelled here through different means. These characters do have to list their powers and weaknesses in their profiles. Players need to discuss adding their character with the Mods first, they do not automatically get accepted and you don't automatically get to keep all your powers.

Half Blood General Information

If a male impregnates a female of a different race the gestation period depends on the woman's race.


Skin colours: Fitzpatrick Scale I to VI
Eye colours: Amber, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Hazel, Red*
Hair colours: Black, Brown, Blond, Auburn, Red, Grey (ageing), White*
Average Height Women: 4'8" to 5'7" / 142.2 cm to 171.8 cm
Average Height Men: 5'2" to 6'1" / 158 cm to 185.6 cm
Average Age of Natural Death Women: 86
Average Age of Natural Death Men: 79
Approximate Percentage: 60%

Breeding/Mating: Humans can breed with most any other intelligent race. Their offspring do not carry any special ability from their human family side unless the human parent has a special abilities. This is however still no guarantee the child will develop these abilities.
Although in Human social construct it is assumed when a person marries another they will remain together for the rest of their lives, they do not necessarily naturally mate for live and some of them may practice polygamy.
Gestation period human female if carrying pure-blood human is 9 months. A human can have one child every 9 months. A human female can carry up to 3 children, the usual amount of children is 1 (96%) per pregnancy.

* Only with Albinism

Feras General

Feras are an anthropomorphic race of land based mammals of the following families: Felidae, Canidae, and Mustelidae.

Full Feras will always be fully covered in fur.
Unlike humans and vaylers female Feras do not have a bosom but instead have several nipples like their ancestors. This may be different for a half breed.

Fur/Hair Colours: May vary, depending on family
Eye Colours: Vary depending on family
Average Height Women: 4'2" to 7'6" / 128 cm to 231.6 cm
Average Height Men: 4'8" to 8'3" / 142.2 cm to 253 cm
Average Age of Natural Death Women: 86
Average Age of Natural Death Men: 79
Approximate Percentage: 25%

Mating/breeding: Gestation period: 14 months.
Females of this race can carry up to 6 children, they will most often carry 2-3 (98%)

Racial Abilities:
Communication with those of their family that are not evolved. e.g. Felidae can communicate with tigers and leopards while Canidae has the ability to communicate with wolves and foxes.
Shifting: May shift into their animal form, they lose their humanoid like form temporarily and turn into their full animal shape. Fur pattern/colour will depend on their natural hair/fur colours.


Approximate Percentage: 9%
Face: Round face with prominent whiskers and a short nose/muzzle, usually with rounded, semi rotating ears. Their eyes are larger in proportion compared to human, the pupil of their eyes are slit-like and can be closed completely. The tongue of Felidae is covered with horny papillae, which rasp meat from bones and aid in grooming.
They have night vision, poor colour vision, are sensitive to high-frequency sounds, and have a highly developed sense of smell (although not to the degree as Canidae).
They have a relatively small number of teeth. The canine teeth are large, the upper third premolar and lower molar are adapted as carnassial teeth, suited to tearing and cutting flesh.
Their jaws can only move vertically, which prevents them from being able to chew efficiently, but makes it easier for their powerful masseter jaw muscles to hold struggling prey.
Body: Lithe and flexible bodies with muscular limbs, tail is between a third and half of the body length. The size within the family can vary greatly depending on ancestry.
They have increased balance, protractible claws, the combination of which makes them excellent climbers. Fur density/thickness may vary, usually based upon how cold their ancestor's environment was.

Mating/Breeding: Felidae are overall polygamous and do not mate for life, although there are exceptions. They can not breed with either mustelidae or canidae and neither can their offspring. They can, however, reproduce with humans and vaylers.


Approximate Percentage: 9%
Face: They have an elongated muzzle, the tips of their noses are always naked. Most Canidae have 42 teeth. The molar teeth are strong, allowing them to crack open bone to reach the marrow.
They see best in low light of dusk and dawn, their eyes are designed to pick up the slightest movements, but colour, focus and detail are sacrificed for this. Their pupils are round.
Their canines are more prominent than the rest of their teeth, however not as long as with the felidae.
Canidae have an extremely good sense of smell, better than any other mammal upon the planet. Their ears are upright and can move them independently and have increased hearing.
Body: Long legs, bushy tail, and a lithe body, adapted for chasing prey.

Mating/Breeding: Canidae usually mate for life. They can not reproduce with mustelidae or felidae, but can produce offspring with humans and vaylers, this is however a rare occurrence, considering they have a pack mentality and will usually stick to their own kind. They are overall more social than felidae and will more than likely form a 'pack' and remain close to each other if possible. Of course as with other races and families, there are exceptions.


Approximate Percentage: 7%
Face: Whiskers on an elongated, blunt muzzle, long canines. The head is no thicker than the neck, eyes overall bulging and dark coloured. Their ears are small and rounded and are able to move somewhat, they have round pupils.
Body: They have long and slender/thin bodies and are the shortest family within the fera race, although the males are substantially larger than the females. They are still extremely flexible and able to make their way through rather tight spaces. Their fur changes around winter, the coat becoming thicker and lighter in colour (usually white) during the cold seasons. Their legs are short.
Several within the mustelidae family are aquatic to varying degrees, depending on their ancestry.

Mating/Breeding: Their behaviour in this varies, they can mate for life or live a polygamous life, depending on their ancestry and personal preferences, they are unable to breed with canidae and felidae, however they can reproduce with vaylers and humans.


Vaylers overall resemble humans in shape and form. They have a wider range in eye and hair colour, their ears are often elongated and pointed and their skin can have a golden glow to it.

Skin colours: Fitzpatrick Scale I to VI with sometimes a slight golden glow
Eye colours: Amber, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Hazel, Red, Violet, Orange, Black
Hair colours: Black, Brown, Blond, Auburn, Red, White, Violet, Pink, Blue
Average Height Women: 5'4" to 6'7" / 164.6 cm to 204.2cm
Average Height Men: 5'9" to 7'1" / 179.8 cm to 216.4 cm
Average Age of Natural Death Women: Unknown
Average Age of Natural Death Men: Unknown
Approximate Percentage: 10%

Racial Abilities:
Regeneration: A full blooded vayler has 7 lives - can reincarnate 6 times. When they die, be it due to illness, age or an unnatural death, their bodies will dissolve and they will then reappear within their home after a period of three days.
At first the vayler will resemble a child of 5 years old and will not have any memories other than the name they have been given at birth, but they will age rapidly and regain a portion of their memories as they age.
Their appearance is not necessarily the same as when they died, they can actually look completely different and even change their sex.
If a vayler is killed before their bodies reach the age of 21 they will remain dead, no matter how many lives they would have left.
Age Stop: Any vayler can choose to 'halt' their age if they wish to do so, this can be done as soon as they reach the age of 21. They can also choose to let time have an effect on their physical ageing again whenever they want.

Mating/Breeding: Vaylers do not have a standard to their social construct, they adapt to their surroundings and individual tastes. There are no limitations in who they can breed with and it is socially accepted for their kind to reproduce with whomever they want.
If such a mixture occurs they will retain any racial abilities they might receive from the other parent and they will be able to use the vayler's abilities. However, for each generation of mixed breeding the offspring will have two lives less.
Vayler Females can only give birth once every 2 years, since their gestation period is 24 months.
They usually carry one child (99%)

Magic Users


Riders are chosen by a God or Goddess and have several natural abilities due to this. They can cause a Muto Egg to hatch and bond with them. A rider can only be bonded to one Muto at a time, and a Muto will perish when/if its Rider does.
They are born with the mark of the God or Goddess that has chosen them. It can be anywhere on their body but it is usually of a size that makes it recognizable. Though since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Lower Gods, the symbol itself is not always recognized as such.
Among other things Riders can learn to use all sorts of magic, they can do this without the guidance of one of the Towers but it is usually better for them to learn it at one of the specific schools.
The children of Riders often become Riders as well, but this is not a requirement or guarantee.
Riders usually have one unique skill that they are granted by their God or Goddess, this usually has to do with what domain their Deity rules. For example the Goddess of Roses could grant their chosen to grow this plant at will or allow the Rider to become the embodiment of a rose e.g. smell like it or grow thorns.
Around the age of 16 Rider will start to show their skills and are usually taken to one of the Towers.

Other Magic Abilities

A low percentage (2%) of the population (including but not exclusively Riders) can display the following 'magical' abilities.
These special abilities can show themselves at a young age and are even more rarely developed after the age of 15. A person usually only has one or two of these abilities if they have them at all. Being a Rider does not exclude a person from having these abilities. Any child found with these abilities will be educated at one of the Towers of Learning once they reach the age of 16.
Each power can be present in varying degrees and measure of control. It is all depending upon the person who wields it and how strong they are.


People with this ability are also called Clairvoyant, Prophets, Oracles or Diviners. Usually found within the clergy. They have the ability to see future events, however these are open to interpretation and never literal. The strength of Foresight varies, this means that if the ability is weak within the person they can't look very far ahead. The stronger they are the further they can see into the future and the clearer the image for them will be.

Communication With Spirits

People with this ability are usually called Mediums. Some of them are able to speak with those that have passed away, but are usually only able to communicate with other life-forms such as fairies, leprechauns, and sprites.


This ability is one of the rarest. They are able to see parallel worlds and gather information from there. They are also often used when there is need to travel or communicate with these different planes. The stronger this ability is the better they can pinpoint an exact location within another world.


Able to view others dreams and alter them. Can not kill someone with this ability, can however plant an idea, communicate or find out secrets. When developed through study and use the Dream-Walker can also make dreams and nightmares manifest in the real world. The stronger and better skilled they are the more tangible and real these images can become to the point that they can make it permanent.


Communication between minds, depending on how strong this ability is this can be done across great distances and even across different planes of existence.

Elemental Control

Control of a Specific Element, e.g. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Wood


Ability to heal oneself and/or others without being a Rider

Adoptive Muscle Memory

Ability to replicate movement after observation

Any other 'special additions' need to be discussed with the mod.

Object Making & Our Own Creations

Object Making

Object making entails things like potions and other magical items. If you wish for your character to have certain things (e.g. potions and magical objects) you will have to roleplay the making/gaining of said item. If you want to make for example a Healing Potion you have to play out the gathering of ingredients and the making of the potion itself. Or buying one at a store. This may mean you might have to post by yourself at certain times.
If you are not sure your character would be able to make the desired item or how they could obtain it please discuss it with a mod!


Potions, spells and rituals etc. that have been created in/for this game

Destiny Gems

Lathan's Recipe

Ornate stones shown in many different beautiful colors that can grant one instance of luck a day to the owner at the time it's most needed. The stones seem to have minds of their own using their luck for the person whenever they see fit. Once used, it will fizzle out and turn a dark gray color and recharge once the next day starts. It is advised to only wear one on your person and to only use three per day lest you be stricken with a terrible fate. ( OOCly you can use this to reroll any roll you feel like. This does not mean you automatically get a better roll or that you get to decide what the roll should end up as, you simply, literally, get to reroll one time. This can only be used once for every IC day per stone, max 3 times. Your character will have to be TOUCHING the stone and you can not touch more than one stone at a time. If used more your character will be cursed with 24 hours bad luck.)

Made by Alchemists. These stones are created by placing porphyritic rocks into a combination of the items:
Beatification Potion
Mutation Potion
Memory Potion
Healing Potion
Chimera Tail Scale
Firebird Feather

The stones are to sit in the brew for 24 hours, after which they can be removed. Be careful to use gloves for this. Seeing as touching multiple Destiny Gems simultaneously can cause bad luck.

Memory Gems

Ilse's Recipe

Can be used by vaylers/part vaylers. Allows the user to remember two things (after death/regeneration). This can be a person/day/event/pet/place etc. They will remember the subject entirely. Can only be used for two memories by one vayler, multiple stones can be used but they are hard to create and require a sacrifice from the creator of the gem.

Made by Alchemists. These stones are created by adding the following ingredients:
1/2 a liter of the alchemist's blood
5 Mermaid scales
3 grams of unicorn horn
5 grams of Psilocybe Baeocystis mushroom, specifically Spirit Quest
6 booster pills (these allow the regaining of power and concentration some elderly Riders lose over the years)
4 centi-liter of Clarify potion
2 liter of water

These ingredients are put into a cauldron, stirring them together and letting it simmer for at least 12 hours. When this is done one can receive up to 5 gems (roll 1d5)

Character List

First and Second Years








Teachers Assistants:

Other Staff/Characters:



These are not all the animals in the world, but the ones that have magical abilities.


Their eggs are about the size of an ostrich egg. The eggs look scaled and are, at first, white, when they are ready to be given to a Rider (which is after a year) they gain a dark grey colour. When near an unattached/new Rider that they, the Muto, is compatible with, the egg will give a soft glow. Once they are touched by a new/unattached Rider the colour will change depending on the Rider's personality, it can also show a pattern. An egg will only change colour for a Rider they are compatible with. The egg will hatch after approx. 3 months, at which point the Muto within will have formed a psychic link with their Rider, granting the Rider their magical abilities.
The newly hatched Muto will look like a small living creature and will have taken a shape that suits with the rider and as they grow up will become bigger and stronger versions of their initial appearance. For example it can come out like a small piglet and will eventually grow into a large, rideable, tusked boar
They are omnivores meaning they will basically eat anything and are extremely resistant to poisons and toxins.
Mutos will grow to their full size in 5 years. Mutos are capable to change into anything they wish right from hatching, however at that point they can only gain the form of the other creature as they would look when they are young (e.g. if they shift into a cat, they will look like a kitten). If this is unknown they will simply keep their own volume. They only gain the capability to change into a full grown creature once they are about 2 years old. This does still require training though, to be capable of changing their appearance swiftly and completely, mishaps can still happen.

Their Rider is capable of instructing them to shift into a certain creature, as long as the Rider can keep a clear image in their head of the creature they want the Muto to change into. However, unless properly trained and bonded with their Rider they can choose not to take this shape.

Connection with their Rider can grow stronger over time, and eventually they gain the ability to telepathically communicate. As their bond grows, so does the Rider's control and magical capability.

Muto can be male or female, gender is not based on what gender their Rider is. They have a capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, planning, creativity and problem solving.

A Rider can only be connected to one Muto at a time. If their Muto dies they will lose their powers until they are connected to another Muto. It is a lot harder to receive a second egg, less eggs will glow for this person.

Mutos overall do not allow anyone else but their Rider (and their Rider's blood relatives) to ride them. It is a point of pride for them. They may, however, do so upon request from their Rider.

Mutos are self aware and have their own personality, they are not glued to their Rider, they have their own interests, personalities and might even disagree with their Rider at times as well. They can telepathically communicate with others aside from their Rider over short distances.

If their Rider dies (their final death in case of Vaylers) the Muto will die as well.

Hatched: Around 1 kg to 2 kg 38 CM to 70 CM (15 inch to 27 inch)

Most Muto don't mate for life. Females go into heat once every 10 years when they have grown to adult and will remain in heat until she has mated.
A female muto will lay 2 to 3 eggs.
Mutos won't naturally feel any attraction to a close relative. (Such as ancestor, siblings or offspring.)
Mutos do not develop romantic feelings for other races/animals/humanoids

What Muto can not change into:
Fera, Human, Vayler, Gorgon, Throw.
Inanimate objects. E.G. they can't change into a couch or a lamp.

Extra Note:
Mutos do not count as pets! Therefore they are allowed to change into dangerous creatures, even at school.


Horses with feathered wings. Pegasus's are known to be stubborn but intelligent creatures. Pegasus feathers are used in potions


Alpaca that grows from a tree and remains attached to it, feeds on surrounding fauna. Meat tastes like beef, but a bit more salty, its wool is used as a potion ingredient and for bandages (due to healing quality) and to make items, the wool makes for a see through fabric.


Haunt are dog like creatures, they are usually black. Males have two deep set red eyes and female's two dark blue eyes. They live in caves deep in mountains and can live with little food and water. Every full moon the males come down into nearby cities and towns to hunt. They have Poisonous saliva and claws that can drip with poison. Poisons can be used for potions.


The Bunyip is a mythical beast from Australia. It originates from the Aboriginal culture. It is a vicious amphibious creature; it is said to have the appearance of a large seal. IT is greatly feared as it preys on humans, particularly the more tender flesh of women and children.


The Yale is a four legged beast from Ethiopia and India its colour is a tawny brown or black. It is about the size of a horse; it looks much like a deer but has the lower jaws of a boar with its tusks. The Yale has movable horns that it can control.
The Yale can move a single horn forward to use as in a lance like fashion, the other horn moves out of the way to protect it. If one horn is damaged in a fight it moves the other horn in to place to resume the attack.


The Chimera originates from Greek mythology, and is characterized as a creature with the head of a lion, body of a she-goat and the tail of a dragon. The Chimera can also depicted, although not in the Greek mythology to have three heads one of that of a lion, a ram and a dragon.


The Cockatrice is a snake like creature, which has a pair of great wings that are seen to come from that of a great eagle or that are leathery wings like a dragons. Characteristics of a Cockatrice are that it has glowing red eyes with black pupils. Cockatrice has a magical gaze that it can petrify an attacker to stone.


The Hippocerf is a mythical creature, which is half horse and half deer. This creature represents indecision.


The Manticore is a vicious creature which comes from Asia. The Manticore is a lion like creature that's head has some human likeness; it has a tail which is sometimes depicted as a tail of a scorpion or a tail that fires poisonous darts. The Manticore sometimes is depicted having leathery wings. In Asia where the creature stalks through the forests in search of humans, it attacks first by using poison to render the victim immobile. After been immobilized the victim then can be devoured; bones, clothes, possessions the lot, so the Manticore leaves no trace. There are other descriptions of Manticore that don't fit the above patterns, Manticore's can move around in prides and they kill for the sake of killing and leave there prey behind to be found.


A Taurus is a ferocious creature that is made up of a bull that has wings, they tend to be brightly coloured. A Taurus appears in the zodiac star signs though there it does not feature wings.


The firebird (Zshar-ptitsa) comes from Russian folklore it is a miraculous bird, its feathers shine silver and gold, its eyes sparkle like crystals. The firebird is a nocturnal bird as at night this bird illuminates the land that it flies over. It is said that a feather from its tail can light up a dark room. The firebird eats golden apples. When the firebird sings it is said that pearls would fall from its beak. The firebird was also able to heal the sick and cure the blind by its chants.


The Garuda or Garida is an ancient bird, which is similar to that of the Roc, it could block out the sun with its wings and could pick up elephants in its talons. The Garuda has a beak like that of an wings of a bird of prey, the head was white in colour and the wings scarlet and the body was a golden yellow colour. It was sometimes called the bird of life. The Garuda was the feared enemy of the Nagas.


Winged Monkeys


Several different species.


Black with silver manes, horn and hooves


Small people with wings, can't speak, help in household chores/like to clean things.


Small green skinned race. Help in the fields in exchange for some food.


Brownies are invisible brown elves or household goblins who live in farmhouses and other country buildings within Scotland. While the members of the household are asleep they go about doing labors for the house owners. Brownies are protective creatures and become attached to the families if the family move the Brownie will move with them. If a Brownie is treated badly by the family or is offered payment the Brownie vanishes without trace. Children because of their innocent nature can only see Brownies, though this does not prevent the Brownies from helping adults.


Horse like creature that can speak and elongate itself to accommodate multiple riders, hairs are used for potions


Trolls are called Trows in myths from the Shetlands. Trolls are not especially intelligent and are often associated with an element. The most common description of Trolls is a tough ugly creature with tough rock like skin. Trolls have the powers to regenerate even if hacked apart. The only way to stop a Troll regenerating is burning the monster. Trolls diet is unusual, as they will eat anything including metal, bone, wood and rocks. The stomachs of trolls contain very powerful digestive acids. This has led Trolls to an unpleasant form of attack of vomiting over their target; this is an extremely painful attack. Sometimes Trolls use basic hand weapons such as clubs or large stones.


The Ratmen are mutated race that originate from rats, which fed upon some source of mighty magical power. They are the same height approximately as goblins. Ratmen are sneaky and rely on stealth to attack using underground tunnels. Ratmen are quick, they can be carriers for all sorts of diseases which the ratmen themselves seem to be immune to.


Merfolk are a mythical race which have grown from sailors tales, told across the world. Merfolk are basically human but have a fish's tail, they are able to breath underwater. Merfolk are said to be beautiful and that many Mermaids (female Merfolk) have fallen in love with sailors that they have rescued. Merfolk tend to carry Tridents (three headed spears) as weapons. They are said to be able command creatures in the sea, and ride upon seahorses. Mermaid scales can be used in potions


Harpies have two descriptions their origins both lay within Greek mythology. The first description is that Harpies are beautiful winged maidens; the second is that they are winged monsters with the head of an ugly old crone that had sharp talons. Both descriptions were seen to do the same thing, which was that they carried people off to the underworld and inflicting punishment upon them and ultimately death.


Dryads come from Greek Mythology and are female spirits of nature, which preside over the forests. A dryad is born with a certain tree species and a particular tree, which she watches over. If the tree is destroyed then the Dryad perishes alongside the tree. Dryads punish mortals that somehow damage the trees.


Treemen are ancient fantasy creatures that protect the forests of old. Treemen are gigantic tree looking like creatures they have trunk like legs and have great branches for arms. They have a tough woody skin. Treemen have a fear of fire as this can do much damage to them and their forest homes. Treemen tend to have hatred towards those that go around chopping down the biggest and oldest of trees.



Known Deities are listed here. Deities choose Riders in this scenario - ! ! ! HIGH DEITIES ! ! ! will ! ! ! ONLY ! ! ! be assigned to ! ! ! LONG TERM PLAYERS ! ! ! that involve themselves in plot. (So not those that only play slice of life.)- . These are usually Deities made up by players. You can make up your own Deity and their own SMALL domain, this list is mostly so you can see what is already taken. A Lower Deity always only has ONE area of expertise. e.g. they can not be the God of Nature (this is too broad) instead you can choose to go with the God of Deer.
Deities that are already taken or unavailable will be marked with an X

Because of confusion!

The Deities you see listed here as taken/unavailable literally means these are taken/not available. HOWEVER. This is mostly to point out which Deities are just not available, so that we do not get doubles. The idea is that you create your own Deity with their own (small) reigning power. So you can see the list of Lower Deities as examples, which are already taken.

Ruling Deities

These are the two main Deities that rule the others. They are the parents of 21 High Deities - The Ruling Deities will only choose for a high EXCEPTION and only TEMPORARILY

The Mother - Mother Nature - Goddess of Nature X
The Father - Father Time - God of Time X

High Deities

These are 21 Children of the Ruling Deities. They are also the parents of the Lower Deities and therefore grant them a small part in the area that they rule. Lower Deities usually also have a non Deity as a parent. - Only active, long term players will be considered for the High Deities - Active meaning actively posting and getting involved with events and not just playing slice of life.

L = Lawful
N = Neutral
C = Chaotic
G = Good
E = Evil

Envul - Goddess of Warfare & Strategy - C G - X
Nothaum - Goddess of Thieves, Pranksters & Begging - N E - X
Corcenziern - Goddess of Communication, Language & Writing - L N
Guhuss - Goddess of Art & Music - L G
Yazon - Goddess of Intelligence & Wisdom - N G
Briushtadwost - God of Fire & Passion - C G - X
Chournk - God of Crafting & Skills - L N
Thriaglula - Goddess of Justice & Balance - L G
Zodza - Goddess of Water & Sky - L N - X
Suno - Goddess of Fertility & Farming - N G
Ilbreg - God of Forest & Archery - N
Likart - God of Home & Hearth - N G
Iri - Goddess of Peace & Day - L G
Makrilk - God of Hunt & Animals - C N - X
Nillreng - God of Healing, Kindness & Purity - C G - X
Bufoldas - God of Travel & Trade - N E
Fel - God of Magic & Learning - C E - X
Ajin - God of Debauchery & Pleasure - N E - X
Xeje - Goddess of Death & Night - N - X
Ngay - Goddess of Beauty, Love & Desire - C N
Ac - God of Chaos & Darkness, Tormentor of Souls, Breaker of Vows - N E - X

Lower Deities

These are the offspring of the High Deities. Usually resulting from a coupling between a Deity and a lower being. They have been granted the ability to choose a Rider. They live with the other Deities.

NOTE: Each of these Deities has a specific purpose. E.G. Goddess of Doves instead of birds, God of Apples instead of fruit, Goddess of French instead of languages etc. Try to keep your deity to something specific. A good rule of thumb is as follows: If it's already mentioned in the list above it's not specific enough. The idea is that you create your own Deity with their own (small) reigning power. So you can see the list of Lower Deities as examples, of which some are already taken by other people. You can make up your own Deity and their domain, or pick one on the list that isn't marked by an X. A Lower Deity always only has ONE area of expertise. e.g. they can not be the God of Nature (this is too broad) instead you can choose to go with the God of Deer.

Rhogog - God of Gold X
Marea - Goddess of Instant Travel X
Lornott - God of Shadows
Donja - Goddess of Morning Glory (plant) X
Trion - God of Duality
Titania - Goddess of Order
Aakizale - God of Blood X
Xipe - God of the Dead X
Vanjiani - Goddess of Truth
Chroma - Goddess of Technological Invention X
Amora - Goddess of Rainbows X
Aprivat - Goddess of Revelry
Rukotem - God of Tricksters X
Trovast - God of Terror X
Adeussia - Goddess of West Wind
Dargo - God of Runes X
Wollunkua - God of Natural Poison
Ionlda - Goddess of Bones X
Kiare - Goddess of Form Change X
Loxias - God of Illusion
Ceia - Goddess of Rage X
Zif - God of Twins X
Aermas Yen - Goddess of Herbalism
Duoth - God of Silence X
Agápi- God of Physical Lust
Evera - Goddess of Ageing X
Deion - God of Perfection
Margon - God of Titanium
Eermis - God of Skin X
Mergue - God of Apples X
Nila - Goddess of Battle Wounds
Glas - God of Ice X
Vidua - Goddess of Black Widows X
Tuatha`Caellaegh - God of Vagabonds
Altieri - God of Sleight of Hand X
Siera - Goddess of Cards X
Laelanos - Goddess of Glimmer
Mirea - Goddess of Magic Enhancement X
Regas - God of Lightning
Alain - God of Mischief X
Ishtim - God of Deceit
Lukeia - Goddess of Paint
Neuson - God of Kinetic Energy
Tordis - Goddess of Storms
Lirci - Goddess of Electrical Currents X
Nynniaw - God of Sight
Scelus'Est - God of Perversion
Aok - God of Trees X
Rogan - God of Thunder
Avera - Goddess of Wrath X
Nothban - God of Magical Theft
Aros - God of Greed X
Savitar - God of Speed
Farere - God of Heat
Hypnos - God of Sleep X
Farena - Goddess of Luck
Athena - Goddess of Battle Strategy X
Farere - Goddess of Influence of Mind
Amena - Goddess of Portals X
Anjora - Goddess of Magical Energy

Envy is when you want what someone else has, but Jealousy is when you're worried someone's trying to take what you have.
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