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Supernatural Weed

THC levels = More Stoned
CBD levels = Pain Relief

INDICA: Relaxed

Merlins Beard
86.8% THC 22% CBD - Extremely high THC level. High CBD level. Smoke changes colours (all the colours of the rainbow), as does the weed itself.

Scratch Post
22% THC 19% CBD - Relaxes muscles, flame glows purple. Slight hallucinations i.e - shadows.

29% THC 46% CBD - Relaxes muscles, induces nightmares. Can cause halluncinations. Particularly popular strain around the October/November months.

SATIVA: Energetic

Purple Rabbit
39% THC 0% CBD - Pure energy. High THC. Gives you the energy to run fast and steady.

Felix Delicious OG
56% THC 10% CBD - Makes you feel uplifted and cloudy. Neon green smoke that slowly changes to a darker blue as it floats.

Warp Kush
78% THC 0% CBD - Extreme brain high. Can give hallucinations, makes you energetic. Very potent smell.

Horny Toad Kush
69% THC 7% CBD - Causes sexual arousal and aggression, long lasting erections and multiple orgasms. Can cause obsession with the person they have sexual relations with.


Red Licorice
- 19% THC 19% CBD - Perfect combination of high and relaxation. Tastes like Normal red licorice candy. Smoke is a swirly red.

Every Flavoured Weed
- 28% THC 28% CBD - High potency combination of mind high and body relaxation. Every hit tastes like something different.


Healing Haze
0% THC 95% CBD - Completely eliminates any pain from your body. Causes hallucinations - specifically makes you feel and think as though you're flying through a cloud.

Braveheart OG
6% THC 45% CBD - Eliminates anxiety, boosts confidence. Smoke is orange coloured.

Spellbook OG
0% THC 60% CBD - Promotes concentration, eliminates distractive thoughts.

Sick Stick OG
0% THC 86% CBD - Helps eliminate flu-like symptoms and illnesses.

Taming Breeze
15% THC 70% CBD - Calm, relaxing high with great pain relief. Smoke changes between bright colours.
Normal Weed
THC levels = More Stoned
CBD levels = Pain Relief

INDICA: Relaxed

Ice Wreck 27.7% THC
Northern Lights 18% THC
Blue Mystic 3.7% THC 14.3% CBD

SATIVA: Energetic

Power Flower 19% THC 8.7% CBD
Dance World 12% THC 11% CBD


OG Kush 26% THC 0.3% CBD
Super Lemon Haze 22% THC 0.1% CBD


LA Confidential 25% THC 0.1% CBD


Charlottes Web 0.5% THC 20% CBD
Avidekel 0% THC 16.3% CBD
Psilocybe Cubensis

Enviromelt - Changes the world around you, makes walls look like they're melting etc.

Painaway Plus - Removes all pain for over 70 hours

Senses Plus - Heightens all senses for over 12 hours

Sleepeasy - Gives you the perfect, lucid sleep. Lasts 12 hours.

Purplesplosion - Makes everything purple, makes you very hyper

Psilocybe Semilanceata

Happyhallu - Gives you vibrant, happy hallucinations

Painaway - Removes all pain for up to 12 hours

Sweet tooth - Makes everything you eat taste like your favourite candy

Party Night - Makes alcohol beverages have a more potent effect

Coolhouse - Gives small, tame, enjoyable halluncations

Psilocybe Baeocystis

Honest Intent - Makes user have to tell the truth for over 24 hours

Fearless - Removes all fear for over 12 hours

Finals - Keeps you awake and alert. Lasts 12 hours.

Powerhouse - Gives strong, powerful, and constant hallucinations.

Spirit Quest - Sends you on a spiritual journey, mostly a brain hallucination

Bruise Removal Paste - Removes bruises

Thoughtless Healing - Heals wounds given by thoughts.

Love Potion Antidote - Antidote for any love potion

Booster - Pills that allow the regaining of power and concentration some elderly wizards lose over the years

Skin Clear - Treats acne


Cupid Drops - Love Potion lasts max. 5 hours

Friendlayer - Makes the drinker believe that whomever gave the potion to them is their best friend.

Hate Potion - Potion that shows the taker someone's worst traits and habits. (Need to add hair from person you want to hate) Also removes any effects from a love potion.

Heart Teardrops - Love Potion lasts max. 3 hours

Euphoria - Induces a sense of inexplicable, irrational happiness upon the drinker.

Laughter Potion - Makes the taker laugh uncontrollably

Anti-Anxiety - Relieves anxiety and agitation.


Extender - Causes the drinker's hair to grow out rapidly

Condition - Makes hair more manageable


Clarify - Allows the drinker to think more clearly.

Muscle Boost - Increases the drinker's strength

Invigoration - Boosts the drinker's energy.

Girding - Gives the consumer extra endurance.

Brainer - Increases the taker's brain power

Beautification - Makes the taker very beautiful

Memory Potion - Enhances the taker's memory

Vitamer - Gives energy to the drinker

Wakener - Prevents the drinker from falling asleep, can also be used to awaken someone from drugging or concussion.


Shrinking Potion - Causes the drinker to shrink to a younger form

Swelling Potion - Causes whatever it touches to swell in size

Ageing Potion - Ages the drinker to various ages, depending on the amount taken.

Babbling Beverage - Causes uncontrollable speaking of nonsense

Voice Potion - Alters the drinker's voice. It will also restore their voice if they have lost it.

Confusion Potion - Causes the drinker to be confused and Reckless

Deflating Potion- Deflates anything swollen by magical means.

Dogbreath Potion - Gives the drinker a fiery breath

Laxative Potion - Laxative

Mopsus Potion - Allows the taker to manipulate objects telekinetically

Muffling Draught - Silences people and various objects

Pompion Potion - Temporarily turns the drinker's head into a pumpkin (Especially popular around Halloween)

Invisibility Potion - Makes the drinker invisible


Madame Glossy's Silver Polish - Magical cleaning solution

Weakness Potion - Weakens the drinker

Regerminating Potion - Forces the germination of a plant
These can all be made with the weed of your choice

"AMORE" HIS/HERS APHRODISIAC SHOTS - Mentally and physically stimulating, Amore shots are an excellent addition to your evening.

Angel Pops - White cake dipped in chocolate

Bhang Chocolates - Pure indica. Now in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, double dark, toffee chocolate, fire chocolate, ice chocolate (a minty milk chocolate), & Cookies & Cream.

Brownies - Straight up

Butter Bros Caramels - 4 half doses. Flavors are rum raisin, maple nut, no nut and root beer.

Butter Bros Streusels - 4 doses in each streusel. Flavors are raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, and apricot.

Butter Bros vegan C Chip - A Vegan winner from the Butter Bros.

Canna Crisp Peanut Butter Bar - 2 doses per piece! 2 pieces per package! Peanut butter rice crispy with caramel and coated with chocolate!!!!

Canna Stroop Waffle - 4 doses per waffle

CannaButter - Cannabis butter. 6 - 1 doses. 1/2 cup

Cannaccino - Infused with cannabis, this coffee drink is a refreshing addition to the edible menu. Enjoy.

Chronic Tonic - We now have Lazy Lemonade, Paradise Punch, Grape Galaxy, Orange Orbit & their newest flavor Planet Blue Raspberry.

COTTON CANDY - Kandy Care's cotton candy is a favorite

Dutch Wafel Cookie - Two thin waffles with caramel in the center. We carry cinnamon, lemon, cocoa & apple flavors! Up to 4 doses depending on your tolerance

Ganja Glycerin - 3-5 full droppers per dose. 7-12 doses per bottle. Water soluble. Use under your tongue or in hot tea. Glycerin is a vegetable-based sugar substitute. 1 fluid oz. per bottle.

Gold Caps - 10 Mg(8 caps), 25 Mg(5 caps), 35 Mg(5 caps) gel capsules, each each containing purified, natural THC.

Grandma's Special Pound Cake - Great Tasting Just like grandma used to make.

Gummi Care 6 pack - A six pack of gummies in Sativa, Indica, or CBD

Gummi Cares - Sativa, Indica & HIGH CBD low THC Gummi Cares, Cannabis oil infused. KEEP REFRIGERATED!

Hashey's Cherry Bomb Dark Chocolate - This is a 420 Mg dark chocolate barr, cherry flavored with pop rocks!

HI-FI Bites - Mini Chocolate Bars

HI-FI Chocolate Bar - Chocolate Bar

Honey's Apple Pie - Honey's Apple Pie

Honey's Epic Cake Bites - Hash Red Velvet Cake Bites, also comes in Strawberry Funfetti & German Chocolate. **NEW FLAVORS** *GRAPE KOOL AID CAKE *NUTELLA CARAMEL!!

Honey's Hash Brownies - A longtime favorite. Share it with your friends. There's enough to go around.

Honeys Choc. Chip - More from Honeys

Honeys PBJ - Like the sandwich, but better

Honeys Smores - New spin on the campfire treat.

Honeys Snickers - Like the candy bar.

Hybrid PB Cookies - Peanut butter cups in cookies

Jolly Lolly & Slo Pop Lollipops - Sativa & Indica Lollipops. Flavors include Green Apple, Cherry, Raspberry and Pineapple.

Korova 51/50 Bar - 10 dose, 500 Mg THC, 6 Mg CBD

Korova Black Bar - 20 dose, 1,000 Mg THC, 12 Mg CBD

Korova Reverse Dip - 5 dose, 250 Mg THC, 3 Mg CBD

Kulmed Honey Jars - Over 800mg of THC. per 8oz jar.

Lip Balm - *lemon drop basil *grape goo *sweet weed *cherrylicious

LLG The Spray - LLG The Spray Indica/Sativa Mix for topical use only.

Lolle-Zing - 40 Mg lozenge/lollipop. Watermelon, Melon, Pomegranate, Orange, Lemonade, Raspberry, Coffee Caramel & Cherry flavors available!

Lozenges - The flavors we carry are grape, raspberry & orange. 2 doses or 1 heavy.

Madeline Cookies - Petite french cakes, light and spongy. 90 Mg THC per cookie! 3 cookies per bag.

Medibles Krispy Treats - Rice Krispy treats.

Mo Better Cookies - Deliciously potent. Both indica and sativa varieties.

Morsels chunky peanut butter scotch - Morsels chunky peanut butter scotch THC: 64.9mg CBD: 3.5mg CBN: 2.3mg

Morsels chunky peanut butter scotch 4pak - Morsels chunky peanut butter scotch 4pak THC: 299.4 mg CBD: 17.2 mg CBN: 11.4 mg

Morsels double choc chunk 4pak - Morsels double choc chunk 4pak

Morsels double chocolate chunk - Double chocolate chunk THC: 53.4mg CBD: 10.2mg CBN: 1.8mg

Morsels sea salt caramel cashew - Morsels sea salt caramel cashew. THC: 66.4mg CBD: 4.0mg CBN: 2.5mg

Morsels sea salt caramel cashew 4pak - Morsels sea salt caramel cashew 4pak

Morsels white chocolate pistachio 4pak - Morsels white chocolate pistachio 4pak THC: 255.7mg CBD: 17.1 CBN: 8.1

NANA CANNA'S PINEAPPLE PUT YOU UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE - Prepared with love, all of NANA CANNA'S cakes are baked with the customer in mind.




Oatmeal Raisin cookies - By Honneys

Reefer PB Cups - 141.40 mg THC 4x Strength Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cups Hybrid

sensi shots - tiva energy shot and indi insomnia shot

Shaman Healers Cakes - Flavors we carry are Strawberry, Lemon &Strawberry-Lemon! Chocolate might be coming soon!

Small Sprays - Indica/ Stativa Mix, Mint Flavor Spray.

Soothing Salve 1.25 oz. - PAIN RELIEF!!

Tainted Butter - Butter for cooking

Tasteez rice krispy treats - The latest and best rendition of a dessert invented for a Camp Fire Girls fundraiser. Times have changed. Chocolate, strawberry & regular available.

Vee's Herbal Tea's - contains 0.4 grams of THC.

WHooooooPIES 2X - 89.2 mg THC Red Velvet or Chocolate 2X Strength Hybrid

WHooooooPIES 4X - 191.5 mg thc Red Velvet, Chocolate, or Pumpkin 4X Strength Hybrid

Wonderbalm - All Natural Citrus Mint healing salve

Smell Preventing Regular Size Rolling Papers
Smoke & Smell Preventing Regular Size Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Mello Mango Regular Size Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Bubble Gum Regular Size Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Very Cherry Regular Size Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Orange Regular Size Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Rolls Jamaican Rum Hemp Rolling Paper
Juicy Jay's Marshmallow Regular Size Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Blackberry Brandy Regular Size Slim Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Rolls Peaches and Cream Rolling Paper
Juicy Jay's Green Apple Regular Size Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Rolls Strawberry Rolling Paper
Juicy Jay's Rolls Watermelon Rolling Paper
Juicy Jay's Flavor Variety Regular Size Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Double Dutch Chocolate Regular Size Slim Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Cotton Candy Regular Size Slim Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Raspberry Regular Size Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Absinth Regular Size Rolling Papers
Juicy Jay's Peaches and Cream Regular Size Rolling Papers
Metal/Tin Cases
Glass Pipes
Wooden Pipes
Tip booklets
Bong Cleaner
Detox Kits
Apparel (Hats, t-shirts etc.)