This world was inhabited by only a few smatterings of small towns, little tribes, and nomadic people. There was no magic, and hardly any contact between these small pockets of civilization. Time in way of months and weeks was different for each of them.

That was how it had been found 500 years ago by those that called themselves Marked, with their mutos, and their Deities. A simple world, with vast, unclaimed, land. Their own world had been destroyed and they needed a new place to live. The only other people that lived on this continent were a few tribes in the desert area called ‘The Dry Lands’, by those that lived there. The world itself was soon named 'Sanctum'.

They slowly began seeking out the small pockets of humans that lived on this world. After most of their own people perished due to an unknown, short lived, magical plague, that had been designed to decimate the population of their old home world. Once they had rid themselves of this disease they slowly introduced this world to their races, magic, moralities, technology, medicine, and religion.

While there was no known magic on this world, there was one thing that did make this world magic-adjacent. Deities that they believed in and worshipped became stronger, more powerful. Since the Marked could prove that their Deities were real, or at least make the people on this world believe so too, it was easy enough to have their old Deities gain control over this world as much as they had their former world.

Marked and the races they had brought with them didn't enter any land that they weren't welcomed to. Though most of the world did. Soon the Marked and the races they had brought with them began to flourish again, and the total population on this world grew rapidly. Going from about 400 million to 1.5 billion.

Still the Marked stick to their principles and laws. They support countries that follow strict laws on rape, abuse of children, and slavery. This support is given by access to non-weaponized magic items, medicine, and help in conflicts with other nations. Preferably without violence, but if need be they will interfere in military force. Not all Marked agree with these things, or they are split whenever two nations are in conflict. Just because someone is Marked doesn't mean they always agree with one another.

Some countries have a strong dislike, to put it mildly, towards the Marked, and will sometimes exile or kill those that are born with a Mark or exhibiting any sort of magical abilities. Sometimes even their own parents will be disgusted by their own offspring due to their believe that magic is 'impure' and to be feared. Other times they might find themselves in a generally hostile environment throughout their entire, or part, of their lives. Children and adults alike that find themselves persecuted because of their magical abilities, or perceived magical abilities, will always be welcomed in Haven and the Tower. Provided they can find a way to contact the Marked.

Still, at the moment most of the world is at peace, at least to the point that there is no need, or request, for the support of the Marked in any major conflicts. As it stands, the past 50 or so years have been peaceful and calm in general. That doesn't mean there is nothing on the horizon...

OOC Rules

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Rules for Play

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*02: Owning/having a store/bar/casino/etc. is allowed. You will have to come up with the layout and other things yourself.

*03: Properties can be in any part of the map, but make sure it 'suits' with the area surrounding your property. If you're unsure as to where to put your store/bar/casino/home please discuss this with one of the mods.

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IC Laws

*01: The punishments for any who rape, abuse children, or enslave others is death. And severe punishment is used on those that wilfully, and maliciously, falsely accuse someone of such things.

*02: Once they’re 16 each child is allowed to be tested on whether they have magical powers or not on the 27th of December. Eggs will be provided to test whether they are a Marked or not. (Marks aren’t always obvious) – Though Mutos and Seekers will also be present to sense Marked, in case none of the eggs glow for them. If the child proves to have any magical ability, they will either be taken to the Tower, or, if the family has the means to do so, may be taught at home. (For example the family has others that have [the same] magical abilities, or they are able to find a tutor/tutors) They will have to be able to pass exams, if they are not they will have to do the year over at the Tower.

*03: Marked that are outside of the country of Haven are to abide to the laws of the country or world they are in, within reason (being who or what you are is not ‘within reason’ - Robbing a house, or killing someone outside of self-protection, -IS-), without breaking the first law of the country of Haven. They are allowed to defend themselves from bodily harm. If they are found to be breaking the law of a country they may be tried and convicted by the laws of that country, within reason. If they choose to send the perpetrator to the Tower, they will be tried and convicted by the laws of The Tower. - If a Marked is detained for any other reason the Tower will come get them by ANY means necessary.

*04: Haven laws also include laws on drugs and alcohol, drivers licenses, where and when weapons and/or deadly magic are allowed to be used, wages, murder, theft, use of mind-altering magic, marriage equality, labour, health-care, taxing, parenting, adoption, immigration/emigration, press, religion, education, discrimination, voting, asylum, animal cruelty. These can be explained upon request.

*05: Revasan is officially a country of its own, though with close ties to Haven. And thus has its own laws.

Current Events

(We use dd/mm/yyyy)

14-07-2022 - 21-07-2022: The Summer Seven


Want to use your own race?
Sometimes characters are not from this world or 'the old world', they have traveled here through different means. Players need to discuss adding their character with the Mods first, they do not automatically get accepted and you don't automatically get to keep all your powers.

  • Humans (12%)
  • Feras (17%)
  • Vaylers (11%)
  • Werewolves (18%)
  • Satyrs (23%)
  • Sorcerers (4%)
  • Fairies (10%)
  • Other (5%)

  • Humans

    Humans don't have any special racial abilities.
    The usual amount of children is 1 per pregnancy, can be up to 4.
    Percentage of population: 12%


    Feras are an anthropomorphic race of land based mammals of the following families: Felidae (feline family), Canidae (canine family), Ailuridae (red pandas), Ursidae (bear family), and Mustelidae (weasel family).

    Racial Abilities:
    Communication: with those of their family that are not evolved. e.g. Felidae can communicate with tigers and leopards while Canidae has the ability to communicate with wolves and foxes, Ailuridae with red pandas, etc.

    Shifting: While usually human in appearance, feras have two types of shifting
    - Half shift where they still remain humanoid, but with animal features and possibly fur (if so desired)
    - Full shift into animal form, they lose their humanoid like form and turn into their full animal shape. Fur pattern/colour will depend on their natural hair/fur colours.

    Children retain these abilities up to the 4th generation if mixing of blood with other races is involved.

    Feras can't 'inter-breed', so a Canidae fera can't have a child with an Ursidae, (up to 1/16th [4th generation if mixed with human/vayler/other races] - For example: if one of the pair is only 1/16th Felidae they can have a child with a different type of fera)

    The usual amount of children is 2-3 per pregnancy, can be up to 6.
    Percentage of population: 17%


    Vaylers overall resemble humans in shape and form. They have a wider range in eye and hair colour than humans, their ears are often elongated and pointed and their skin can have a golden glow to it.

    On average, vaylers are significantly taller than humans, between 5'4" to 7'1", they can be taller than this.

    Racial Abilities:
    Regeneration: A full blooded vayler has 7 lives - can reincarnate 6 times. When they die, be it due to illness, age or an unnatural death, their bodies will dissolve and they will then reappear within their home after a period of three days.

    At first the vayler will resemble a child of 5 years old and will not have any memories other than the name they have been given at birth, but they will age rapidly and regain a portion of their memories as they age.

    Their appearance is not necessarily the same as when they died, they can actually look completely different and even change their sex.

    If a vayler is killed before their bodies reach the age of 21 they will remain dead, no matter how many lives they would have left.

    Age Stop: Any vayler can choose to 'halt' their age if they wish to do so, this can be done as soon as they reach the age of 21. They can also choose to let time have an effect on their physical ageing again whenever they want.

    A child with a parent of a different race will still keeps part of vayler's abilities. However, for each generation of mixed breeding the offspring will have one live less (until they only have 1 live)

    The ability to stop ageing will also only be available until the 6th generation (1/64th Vayler)
    They usually carry one child per pregnancy, but no more than 3.
    Percentage of population: 11%


    Werewolves mostly resemble humans in day to day life.

    Racial Abilities:
    A person with one eight (third generation) or less werewolf blood will not have any of these abilities.

    Change: Unlike feras they have to fully change at least once a month, or they will do so forcefully during the next full moon. This will cause them to become wild and aggressive, attacking humans and animals alike, without any memory of what happened once they regain consciousness in their human form. They can choose to partially shift. During their full change they resemble dire wolves. They won't be able to shift/change until they reach the age of 8.
    Strength: Werewolves have extraordinary strength, even in their human form.

    The usual amount of children is 2 to 3, but this can be up to 6 per pregnancy.

    Werewolves can only be born. A bite of them, in any form, will not change you into a werewolf.
    Percentage of population: 18%


    In their natural form they have deer features (antlers [male only], legs, tail), goat features (horns, legs, tail) or horse features (ears, tail), but they can look human. They are mischievous, and have a high libido. Satyrs are also prone to addiction, e.g. drugs, coffee, alcohol. They have a fast metabolism and are major gluttons even if they should be sated, they always want more. Their body hair grows abnormally fast, for example, if they shave at eight in the morning they will have a 'five o'clock shadow' at noon, things like 'laser treatments' only work for a short amount of time, their hair-follicles will just grow back in time (about two to three weeks).

    Racial Abilities:
    Enhanced sense of smell, rapid healing, can create small illusions, and pheromones that can lower inhibitions in men and women. They can lure people with one musical instrument (chosen by player), and can sense other peoples wants and 'do not wants'.

    Racial needs:
    Feed on Debauchery: A satyr needs to be able to feed on debauchery, this can include any sort of debauchery, from people getting drunk, or eating sweets, to sexual encounters. Satyrs will drain the energy from those that are exhibiting debauchery behaviour in their vicinity.

    These abilities and needs are only 'available' for those that are at least 1/16th (4th generation) satyr and will be weaker with every generation.

    Satyrs usually have two children per pregnancy this can be up to 4, and those they impregnate have a higher chance to have twins.
    Percentage of population: 23%


    Appearance wise they are the same as humans, but sorcerers have a natural ability to use magic.

    Racial Abilities:
    Magic: At the basics Sorcerers can all use magic, their attunement will determine what they are more powerful at. The other schools of magic can be performed, but in limited fashion and only with the help of incantations, spell books and other items needed to work a spell, evocation is hardest to learn for those that have not chosen this attunement. A sorcerer chooses their attunement when they turn 16 through a ritual. Before they turn 16 they will have been taught the basics of each attunement, their control over them is still very limited.

    The older a sorcerer is the better they are at the use of their magic.

    Some sorcerers might not know what they are (for example orphans or the parent that's left doesn't know what their partner was.) and therefore never chose an attunement. They often do have small magical things 'happen' to them e.g. accidentally turning invisible (basic abjuration/illusion), conjuring a small item (basic conjuring). They might even learn how to do one of these small magical things at will. If they are found by other sorcerers they will try to rectify this as soon as possible.

    Make things do things. Enchanters can, as the name suggests, enchant items and/or people. For example; make things bigger on the inside, cursing items, letting pens write by themselves.

    Abjurators know the best defences and are capable at using them at a moments notice. Where another Sorcerer would need to speak a spell or something of the sorts. Among other things they can put up shielding of varying types (shield to keep people from listening in, make an area and those within it invisible) be it for a moment or longer lasting, along with knocking people back, blinding them or rendering them immobile. Also adept at healing themselves.

    Have great control over offensive magic, such as for example fireballs or lightening strikes. They are even worse in other schools of magic than most other sorcerers. Evocation is hard to master for any other sort of Sorcerer.

    Can conjure mundane items and creatures or items that are already in their possession.

    Illusionists can, as the name suggests, create illusions. These can be used to scare people, glamour the sorcerer themselves and other such things.

    Can communicate with and control the dead. This does include raising corpses and the like.

    These abilities are only 'available' for those that are at least 1/16th (4th generation) sorcerers.
    The usual amount of children is 1 per pregnancy, can be up to 4.
    Percentage of population: 4%

    A fairy's true form can have variety's of nature related forms or a simple 'pixy/fairy' form but they can disguise themselves as humans. They have wings that can have any form or colour, though are usually translucent, these can also be hidden. They are usually smaller than humans, even in their human form, ranging between 4'7" to 5'5", but can be shorter or taller than this.

    Racial Abilities:
    Strength: Fairies are much stronger than the average human. They can take great amounts of trauma, more than the average human
    Healing: Most fairies are capable of healing themselves and others.
    Magic: Their magic is generally and mostly plant, glamour OR illusion related, though a few have put their attention on other types of magic - never anything overly offensive (no fire, lightening or the likes).
    Ageless: Do not physically age beyond 25.

    Their magic grows stronger over the years.

    Racial Weaknesses:
    Salt: Stings and might leave blisters in high concentration, can’t heal blisters/wounds caused by salt themselves, hard to heal by others
    Silver: Burns instantly and will actually dig into their skin, cauterizes its own wounds, can not be healed by themselves, incredibly hard for others to heal
    Promise/Oath: If they break a promise or an oath they will be in severe pain for several days, to the point where they will feel like they are dying or want to die.
    Iron: Negates their fairy powers (but only fairy powers)

    Racial Needs:
    Feeding: Regularly needs to feed on luck, will get sick and eventually die if they don't, they can do this by touching a person's skin and syphon some of their (good or bad) luck from them. This causes the person's luck to either go bad or turn neutral.
    However: When they feed on luck of others they can use this for their own gain.

    Fairy blood smells very appealing to other supernaturals that ingest blood. Especially vampires, who become intoxicated with it.

    These abilities, weaknesses and needs are only 'available' for those that are at least 1/16th (4th generation) fairy and will be weaker with every generation.

    Usually carry one child per pregnancy, can be up to three. Percentage of population: 10%

    Other races include, but are not limited to: Imps, Djinn, Nymphs, Wood Elves, Wizardkind, Spiderkind
    Percentage of population: 5%


    Marked are the 'chosen' of one of the Lower Deities. This means one of the Gods or Goddesses has placed a mark on them, usually before they have been born, but they can also be chosen at a later age and come from another world. When this happens the marking usually causes an annoying itch, where the mark has been placed, for several days.

    Due to this mark they have the ability to specifically learn one type of magic. Generally this is something that has to do with the domain of said deity. For example the Marked of Rainbows can construct rainbow coloured items, use rainbows as a mode of transport and so forth.
    Often those powers don't start manifesting themselves until the Marked is around 16.

    Marked can be born of any race. Though if one of the parents of a child is a Marked, the chances are higher that said child becomes a Marked as well. This is why every year, on the 27th of December, there is a Day of Testing. On that day any child, or person, that is 16 or older, can be tested on whether they can use magic or not. Only 0.5% of the population is born as or made into a Marked

    Eggs will be provided to test whether children are Marked or not. Marks aren’t always obvious – Though Mutos and seekers will also be present to sense Marked, in case none of the eggs glow for them. If the child proves to have any magical ability, they will either be taken to the Tower, or, if the family has the means to do so, may be taught at home. For example the family has others that have [the same] magical abilities, they are able to find a tutor/tutors They will have to be able to pass exams, if they are not they will have to do the year over at the Tower.

    Muto eggs have the ability to glow around Marked that aren't attached to a muto yet. They will, however, only glow for a Marked they are compatible with. The unique connection to a muto will allow a Marked to learn and use other magical abilities and forms of magic than the ones they can learn in their Deity's domain. Though the magic within their Deity's domain will always be easier to learn and maintain. If a muto dies their Marked will stop being able to use any magic outside of their racial abilities, and the magic that is connected to their God or Goddess. Depending on how or why a muto has died, it is usually much harder to get a second egg to glow for the Marked.

    Once a Marked turns 21 they can choose to stop ageing like Vaylers can. Which they can also do once they are older, or allow themselves to age further until the desired age has been reached. They can't make themselves younger, unless this is within their learned abilities, or the ability given to them by their deity. (This is a very hard ability to learn!)

    Chosen are Marked that have been chosen by one of the High Deities. Their markings are often gold in colour. If they get marked at a later age, this doesn't happen until they are at least 16, due to the pain the marking causes to anyone who has already been born. It is often described as a searing pain, as if liquid gold is being poured on them, even if the marking itself isn't always gold. This pain also lasts for several days, and can take up to two weeks to subside. The only way to circumvent this pain is if the Deity places the mark directly themselves (skin to skin contact), or if someone with the ability to age a wound does so.

    Chosen have more abilities they can learn faster than other Marked, and often greater than those of other Marked. Though usually powers that can be used to protect a greater scale of people/the population. This because Chosen are usually only being Chosen in times of great need and there being a greater chance of a lot of the population dying if they don't have someone around that can provide their kind of protection.

    Otherwise they are the same as any Marked.


    Their eggs are about the size of an ostrich egg. The eggs look scaled and are, at first, white, when they are ready to be given to a Marked (which is after a year) they gain a dark grey colour. When near an unattached/new Marked that they, the Muto, is compatible with, the egg will give a soft glow. Once they are touched by a new/unattached Marked the colour will change depending on the Marked's personality, it can also show a pattern. An egg will only change colour for a Marked they are compatible with. The egg will hatch after approx. 3 months, at which point the Muto within will have formed a psychic link with their Marked, granting the Marked their magical abilities.

    The newly hatched Muto will look like a small living creature and will have taken a shape that suits with the Marked and as they grow up will become bigger and stronger versions of their initial appearance. For example it can come out like a small piglet and will eventually grow into a large, rideable, tusked boar.

    They are omnivores meaning they will basically eat anything and are extremely resistant to poisons and toxins.

    Mutos will grow to their full size in 5 years.
    Mutos are capable to change into anything they wish right from hatching, however at that point they can only gain the form of the other creature as they would look when they are young (e.g. if they shift into a cat, they will look like a kitten). If this is unknown they will simply keep their own volume. They only gain the capability to change into a full grown creature once they are about 2 years old. This does still require training though, to be capable of changing their appearance swiftly and completely, mishaps can still happen.

    Their Marked is capable of instructing them to shift into a certain creature, as long as the Marked can keep a clear image in their head of the creature they want the Muto to change into. However, unless properly trained and bonded with their Marked they can choose not to take this shape.

    The connection with their Marked grows stronger over time, and eventually they gain the ability to telepathically communicate. As their bond grows, so does the Marked's control and magical capability.

    A muto can be male or female, gender is not based on what gender their Marked is. They have a capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, planning, creativity and problem solving. They are basically a person

    A Marked can only be connected to one Muto at a time. If their Muto dies they will lose their powers until they are connected to another Muto. It is a lot harder to receive a second egg, less eggs will glow for this person.

    Mutos overall do not allow anyone else but their Marked (and their Marked's blood relatives) to ride them. It is a point of pride for them. They may, however, do so upon request from their Marked (usually grudgingly).

    Mutos are self aware and have their own personality, they are not glued to their Marked, they have their own interests, personalities and might even disagree with their Marked at times as well. They can telepathically communicate with others aside from their Marked over short distances.

    They have the capacity to learn magical abilities of their own (aside from changing form), this does take training as it does with any Marked. Mutos can sense other mutos and Marked (and/or Chosen) that aren't their own.

    If their Marked dies (their final death in case of Vaylers) the Muto will die as well. Hatched: Around 1 kg to 2 kg 38 CM to 70 CM (15 inch to 27 inch)

    Most Mutos don't mate for life. Females go into heat once every 5 years when they have grown to adult and will remain in heat until she has mated.
    A female muto will lay 2 to 5 eggs.
    Mutos won't naturally feel any attraction to a close relative. (Such as ancestor, siblings or offspring.)
    Mutos do not develop romantic feelings for other races/animals/humanoids

    What Muto can not change into:
    Fera, Human, Vayler, Gorgon, Throw etc.
    Inanimate objects. E.G. they can't change into a couch or a lamp, unless it has a face.

    Extra Note:
    Mutos are not pets! (Honestly, I will fucking cut you if you treat them like they are your character's pet.)

    Other Magic Users

    Magic that random people can have without it being within their racial traits or them being a Marked.

  • Foresight
  • People with this ability are also called Clairvoyant, Prophets, Oracles or Diviners. Usually found within the clergy. They have the ability to see future events, however these are open to interpretation and never literal. The strength of Foresight varies, this means that if the ability is weak within the person they can't look very far ahead. The stronger they are the further they can see into the future and the clearer the image for them will be.

  • Communication With Spirits
  • Those with this ability are usually called Mediums. Some of them are able to speak with those that have passed away, but are usually only able to communicate with other life-forms such as pixies, leprechauns, and sprites.

  • Planesight
  • This ability is one of the rarest. They are able to see parallel worlds and gather information from there. They are also often used when there is need to travel or communicate with these different planes. The stronger this ability is the better they can pinpoint an exact location within another world. When this power is strong they are also capable of travelling to other worlds without a transporting device.

  • Dream-Walking
  • Able to view others dreams and alter them. Can not kill someone with this ability, can however plant an idea, communicate or find out secrets. When developed through study and use the Dream-Walker can also make dreams and nightmares manifest in the real world. The stronger and better skilled they are the more tangible and real these images can become to the point that they can make it permanent.

  • Telepathy
  • Communication between minds, depending on how strong this ability is this can be done across great distances and even across different planes of existence.

  • Healing
  • Ability to heal oneself and/or others without being a Marked.

  • Adoptive Muscle Memory
  • Ability to replicate movement after observation.

  • Elemental Control
  • Control of a Specific Element, e.g. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Wood

    The Tower

    The Tower is a school for those with magical abilities, racial or otherwise. The school currently teaches roughly 30 000 students a year. The settlement around it housing them, most of the teachers, politicians of the Marked, and proprietors that own different shops and establishments in the settlement.

    The school does not need to be paid for, food, clothing, and housing is provided for by the Tower. This doesn’t include alcohol, or other mind-altering substances. Students that are under 18 years of age are housed in large communal homes that house 20 students and 2 teachers. Those 18 and over either have their own living space, or use a house that has been provided by the school.

    These houses provide room for 4 students. An open living space, kitchen, and dining room can be found on the ground floor, along with a half bathroom (toilet and sink) and a laundry room. These are all furnished in a simple fashion, but can be adjusted by the students if so desired. The same goes for the bedrooms. These can be found on the first floor, two on the left of the hallway and two on the right. Each contains a bed, a desk, chair, and wardrobe, and are connected to their own bathrooms. These have a simple bath/shower combo, a toilet, and a sink. Students are free to adjust these as well.

    Anyone in the settlement can get food and drink at the grocery stores, restaurants, café's, and bars for free. This is paid for by the Tower. This, again, does not include mind-altering substances. While these are sold within the settlement, they will need to be paid for.

    Once students enter their third year they choose a House. This means they will decide which direction they would like to focus their studies in. It does not exclude them from any sort of classes in any sort of way, it simply gives them a helpful guideline on which classes fit best for their desired future professions. The houses are as follows:

    Are mostly focused on Inventing, Creation and Science in the magical branch. These students mostly find their way into jobs like alchemist, potions master and magical item inventor.

    Students found in this house are usually focused on such things as Writing, Music and Creational Art (e.g. Painting, sculpting etc.). They will often end up becoming artists such as musicians, painters and poets.

    Clerics focus their studies on Healing, Religion and Nature. These students often find themselves in jobs such as healers, priests, caretakers and the like.

    These students are often focused on Invention, Creation and Science. They crave to renew their surroundings and to find better ways to do things. They more often than not find their careers in invention, technology or construction

    These students favour the arts of War, Conflict and Protection. Many students that graduate from this house will end up becoming leaders in armies, recruited to keep the peace or even become politicians.

    Usually focused on Sciences, Study and Books. Students from this house usually pursue careers in science and teaching, trying to broaden the minds of those around them.

    Ages of students:
    First years: 16 < Just for reference
    Second years: 17 < Just for reference
    Third years: 18
    Fourth years: 19
    Fifth years: 20
    Sixth years: 21
    Seventh years: 22
    Have to have turned this age before or on December 27th! (This is when the day of testing is)

    Teachers have to be at least 30. Teachers Assistants have to be at least 23.

    The Marked Settlement has several different kinds of shops and establishments, including:

    A high end Burlesque/Strip Club

    The Love Shack
    Karaoke bar. 2 bars, a stage and plenty of tables and chairs. Even a dance floor is available. Waiters and waitresses make rounds. The song list is extensive to the point that one can find just about any song in existence.

    Odds and Ends
    Shop that sells magical and antique items.


    The Infirmary is where the sick and wounded get treatment. There is enough room for several students in case of an emergency of greater scale.

    The library is a large building on the south side of the island that seems to mimic the design of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Same domed observatory at the top floor, only with more glass and less brick and similar architecture throughout. It is filled with bookcases, a restricted section (books may be borrowed by students fifth year or higher without permission), a computer corner, several large tables and reading nooks with comfortable pillows.

    Contains work out equipment and a large pool. Of course there are changing areas which are separated per gender.

    Shopping Center
    Several shops, cafes, grocery stores etc.

    The Grass Company
    Coffeeshop/Teahouse where certain drugs are sold alongside the normal coffee and tea. No alcohol is served here. The inside adjusts in size depending on the number of customers so that there is always plenty of room for everyone. There are four different sections, one is filled with beanbags and hookah's, also designated as the Hookah lounge. The Second is filled with simple coffee tables and chairs, the third has several comfortable couches and chairs and the fourth section is in the garden, surrounded by plants and trees with a little pathway through the grass that leads to comfortable seats outside.
    Link to shop's inventory: The Grasscompany

    Smack down in the middle of town is a little place called All's. The 24/7 bar. You can come, you can drink, you can find your next side chick! Or whichever you feel like! There are couches, a bar, pool table and all the good stuff. Any drink you can think of, the bartenders can and will make for you. We hope you enjoy your time at All's, don't pay attention to the passed out drunks in the corner.

    The Settlement itself houses around 58 178 people. This includes non-magic using people as well.


    The country of Haven is 2.2 km² (0.85 square mile) large, with a population of 8.8 million. Most of which live in the city of Haven, Valdijk and Harbour, Haven being the capitol city of the country. Aside from that there is a lot of trade that occurs with other countries, which is why a great part of Haven is used for farming and the creation of high quality products. Though done so under strict labour and pollution laws.

    Haven city has roughly 3 million inhabitants, dotted with large parks, and a big mishmash of races and financial standing. Critical illnesses are almost unheard of, most people can live a comfortable, fulfilling life within the city. There is very little a person would be profiled for, racially, sexuality, or gender identity wise. Equality is very important within the entire Haven society and to the Marked, not just the capitol city.

    This doesn't mean that there isn't an underbelly within the city, after all, there is no such thing as a paradise without conflicts or a darker side. These criminal elements are often called Syndicates, or Mobs. These generally deal with drugs that are made of more addictive substances than the drugs generally made by the Marked and other magic users, weapons of different kinds, smuggling of wares that are forbidden in other countries in the world.

    Not to mention, of course there are still those that don't care, or believe, in equality and think of themselves as superior for one reason or another. These issues aren't just in Haven, but world wide. Some examples are;

    * Race purity, while it seems everyone has at least a little mixing in their bloodlines, there are those that would prefer it to be otherwise, and will do anything to at least make themselves appear 'pure'.

    * Marked lineage. Some Marked have a certain pride in being from a line of Marked, rather than having been born from parents without any magic. Despite the fact that there are a lot more Marked that don't have parents with any magical lineage.

    Family names of well known Marked/Chosen family lines - Just because your character has a different last name obviously doesn't mean they aren't related to these families, and there are plenty of families that are considered 'Marked family lines', these are just the lines that can be traced the furthest back - max. 500 years any records before that have been lost.
    The races listed behind each name are the first recorded they have. Any combination after that is possible (except mixing different kind of Fera unless far enough down the line, see races list)
    For families marked with X - Permission is needed to play direct children of the heads of these families. Grandchildren etc. are fine.

    Amora - Fairy
    Argent - Sorcerer
    Ashberry - Djinn
    X Avery - Human
    Awash - Fera Canidae (fox)
    Bellerose - Vayler
    Branagh - Imp/Satyr/Fera Felidae (mountain lion)/Vayler
    Elm - Satyr
    Gashi - Fera Felidae (mountain lion)/Vayler
    Giles - Werewolf
    Hunsh - Fera Ursidae (sun bear)
    Inx - Fera Mustelidae (wolverine)
    Jaspers - Werewolf
    Kimido - Human
    Lane - Sorcerer/Werewolf or Sorcerer/Satyr/Fera Felidae (mountain lion)/Vayler
    X Les Setamorphis - Vayler or Satyr/Vayler
    X Maxwell - Vayler or Fairy/Human/Vayler
    X Maxwell-Noran - Fairy/Woodelf/Vayler/Human
    Metaxas - Vayler
    Morgan - Human/Vayler
    X Muroa - Vayler
    Noran - Woodelf
    Pairish - Fera Felidae (caracal)
    Rouge - Fera Ailuridae (red panda)
    X Shannon - Vayler
    X Summer - Human/Satyr/Fera Felidae (mountain lion)/Vayler
    Tarrant - Vayler
    X Travers - Human
    Van Velden - Vayler or Fera Mustelidae (ferret)/Vayler


    While it’s not a big island, it is home to six communities with varying populations – three are cities, two are towns and one is a village. The wilderness is greater than civilization in Revasan, the more impressive landmarks are the thick central forests, the northern mountains and a sinister, dark marsh making a clear natural divide between the close North and East coasts by land. There are freshwater rivers, lakes, springs and falls aplenty in Revasan, some even create natural boundaries between communities.

    Law and Order
    Revasan has the grand total of -three- laws to abide wherever one is in the territory: the young are not to be harmed (I) and neither are animals, wild or domesticated (II). Even the livestock raised for meat and other produce are treated with optimal, humane care throughout life and in death nothing is left to waste. The sale of captive beasts anywhere in Revasan falls under this law as captivity is often harmful to wild-caught creatures.

    These laws are enforced and typically end with the breaker either being forcibly exiled (typically to an alternate world that will NOT be pleasant) or killed, depending on the severity of their actions and whether or not a harrowing experience would teach them anything.

    The third law is the prohibition of slavery – there are no slaves in Revasan and slave ships are not welcome at any of the docks. Slaver ships have long been a common target for both the reavers of Avagir and the tradeships of Gang

    The Northern Territory

    The city of Avagir lies in the shadow of the Varas Mountains and the rocky Reidas Coast within a cove which protects ships along the docks from the ocean’s wrath. The coast along provides access to the cavern passages which allow accessibility to the rest of Revasan though safe passage is not a promise nor a guarantee. The roads pass through the thick, dark morass of the Sangwa Marsh and while all travelers through the marsh are warned to stay on the roads, some never do what they are told to do.

    Avagir is known as a city of crime and no one, least of all the territory’s keeper, would disagree with that assessment. It’s where several assassin and thieves’ guilds have their central headquarters as well as being a popular stop for pirates and raiders of the SEANAMEHERE.

    There is little infrastructure in Avagir that isn’t based on criminal enterprises. There are no schools in Avagir and only a single small infirmary. The fatally injured in Avagir tend to be thrown into sea or into the Sangwa Marsh. Most businesses operated in Avagir are centered towards entertaining travelers and residents with sex, food and drink, drugs and gambling. The Salty Pearl is in Avagir as is The Noir Marché which sells primarily alcohol and other substances, poisons, weapons and certain magical components of darker origins and uses in addition to consumable produce from Villam.

    There are a few Marked temples in Avagir to High Gods including Nothaum, Ajin, Ac, Envul, Zodza, Makrilk, Hela, Ilbreg and Xeje.

    The Eastern Territory

    Beyond the Sangwa Marsh and along a lush coastline is the city of Bachor, thriving with trade with a vastly different atmosphere than Avagir. It is popular among merchants and lawful travelers of Sanctum. The eastern coastline is protected from the raiders of the North by environment and kept safe with constant vigilance of Bachor’s people. Bachor also has safe roads inland that will lead one directly from and to Revasan’s central and south regions allowing travel. Due to the size of Bachor and the frequent visitors, it is the home of the largest hospital in Revasan.

    The Bachor Forum (frequently referred to as ‘the bazaar’ by people who experienced Old Revasan or heard it referenced enough) is a bustling marketplace where merchants from all over Sanctum are welcomed to sell their wares. In addition to the ever-changing stalls of the Forum, there are quite a few permanent businesses in Bachor which trade in local goods from Revasan and Haven – these shops range from grocers and bakeries to mundane and enchanted fashion and accessories to weapons, vehicles and everything in between.

    The Forum and trade of Bachor is one of the draws of the city for travelers. The other is the hospitality and entertainment industry. One of more popular draws, especially for those traveling with family, is the Bachor Carnival. It’s very appealing as the admission is free as well as the rides and beverage and food are priced remarkably low. There are no mascots strolling the Carnival, there are performers though like acrobatics, fire-breathers, illusionists, musicians, dancers, jugglers and others along those lines. There’s even the odd ‘street’ play. In addition to these free shows, there is a daily and nighty arena show which always tend to be different in theme and style from one day to the next. These shows have a moderate price and can be purchased at the entrance.

    Lucky Licks, the beachfront hotel and casino is another large draw to Bachor for its hospitality and entertainment. It’s an extremely popular venue for both bachelor/ette parties -and- honeymoons, even the odd wedding. Along with the larger draws to travelers, there are a number of restaurants, cafés as well as bars and clubs and lodging ranging from hotels to inns to brothels.

    There are many Marked temples in Bachor. All the High Gods are given a space in this trade-city with the clear exception of Nothaum. The God of Thieves is not seen as a benefit for most merchants or travelers.

    South of Bachor is the town of Gang which is smaller in mass and population than both Avagir and Bachor. The largest industries in Gang are transportation, furniture, clockworks, and war – armor, weapons and war machines and it is inhabited by skilled crafters and workers and their families. The town began as a community dedicated towards shipbuilding five centuries ago and they still design and construct ships to this day though have expanded to designing many other forms of transportations with wheels or wings for the public. There are tanneries for leatherworks, mills for woodwork and smelters for glass and metalworks.

    Health-related and educational services in Gang are largely for the residents as well as the few stores and businesses. A smaller marketplace consisting of essential services and a few taverns, gambling lounges and a brothel to keep the employees of Gang happy It’s not a popular place to visit in Revasan as the products of Gang are traded in Bachor and Avagir. There are a few temples in Gang for the residents of the factory town – Bufoldas, Chournk, Yazon, Likart, Amera, Fel, Zodza, Ajin, Iri, Ngay, Ilbreg, Envul and Hela are all given spaces here.

    Anything made in Gang is marked with a single red-gold gear which is associated with high-quality and durable products.

    The South, West and Central Territory

    Along the south-west coast is the city of Vhensolos. The clean beaches and colorful boardwalks attract families and are suitable towards younger audiences to enjoy themselves while the two casino-hotels (4-Leaf and Good Odds) and Arlathan, a reputable, high-end lounge/brothel/hotel as well as a few individual bars and clubs serves as adult-only entertainment.

    Vhensolos is the only city in Revaasn where one can find a temple for every High God in the Marked Pantheon.

    This inland town lies between the secluded central village of Vhensan, Bachor and Gang. Verdant gardens, fields and orchards dominate this town as do the farms, vineyards, mills, distilleries and breweries. It is where all the natural produce of Revasan comes from. Villam produces enough to keep the population of the island fed as well as supplying the local businesses and exporting produce all over Sanctum through the merchants in Bachor.

    Villam is a rural and rustic area of Revasan with a small marketplace and a few businesses – most of which are open to provide goods and services to the farmers and their families. There is a small school for younger children who are not yet old enough to attend the Tower as well as a small infirmary hospital with one permanent healer and a veterinarian clinic for the animals raised in Villam. There is a small inn for travelers and merchants to stay if they should come to Villam as well as a tavern and a rustic brothel called Tumble in the Hay.

    There are a few temples in Villam – Suno, Guhuss, Chournk, Zodza, Ilbreg, Ngay, Likart, Iri, Makrilk and Nillreng are all given space here.

    Most will never lay their eyes on the tree-city in the center of Revasan. It is hard to find unless you’ve been there before and know that the paths are ever-changing. You could swear that you went in the right direction only to end up in the Sangwa Marsh or in Bachor.

    It is the smallest community in Revasan and isn’t well-known beyond being the home of some of the Satyr population There have been whispers that Vhensan is also the earthbound home of both Ilbreg, the God of Forests and Archery and Hela, the Goddess of Secrets and Rumors.

    Country Capital Population Per Million Marked Continent
    The Dry Lands Hashan 017 Feared Avarum
    Baredane Orzona 072 Friendly Avarum
    Orivrum Mazera 083 Friendly Avarum
    Vayrena Caresh 109 Neutral Avarum
    Western Icelands Silverlake 010 Neutral Avarum
    Eastern Icelands Heras 014 Allies Avarum
    Swamplands Dresh 031 Hostile Avarum
    Mount Drakon Mount Drakon 000 < 100.000 Allies Avarum
    Revasan Unknown Unknown Allies Avarum
    Haven Haven 008 Home Avarum
    Contara Secca 046 Friendly Ilvari
    Everlands Ervera 035 Allies Ilvari
    Warsher Duscha 016 Neutral Ilvari
    Heron Sol Ou 038 Hostile Ilvari
    Young Gilver Flarmes 020 Neutral Ilvari
    Gilver Euchen 021 Neutral Ilvari
    Themer Marscher 013 Neutral Ilvari
    Kiduras Razer 041 Allies Ilvari
    Sulacks Dowar 033 Allies Ilvari
    Sashur Wilds Etti 007 Neutral Sashur
    Sashur Jungles Stadt 002 Neutral Sashur
    Evera Precepi 035 Friendly Sashur
    Surfasa Deress 033 Neutral Sashur
    Angera Cocar 022 Disliked Sashur
    Mess Jurshas 035 Allies Sashur
    Lasena Parend 014 Neutral Sashur
    Bleou Rundash 008 Feared Sashur
    Howdo Wrona 037 Neutral Sashur
    Brogea Smocka 013 Allies Sashur
    Otura Florish 031 Neutral Sashur
    Refursa Nighe 024 Neutral Sashur
    Atten Artush 032 Friendly Sashur
    Teenar Watcha 006 Feared Udrixum
    Leavast Rike 037 Neutral Udrixum
    Uria Alona 045 Disliked Udrixum
    Marshas Riy 003 Neutral Udrixum
    Notta Ek 012 Friendly Udrixum
    Qurs Quarons 018 Hostile Udrixum
    Theramash Yisuer 039 Neutral Udrixum
    Ocrace Grest 001 Neutral Udrixum
    Rendar Gooragh 038 Neutral Udrixum
    Jushq Hearsh 007 Feared Udrixum
    Sumar Thyra 034 Neutral Udrixum
    Nana Island Crows City 030 Allies Vilten
    Surden Ervera 028 Neutral Vilten
    Morrow Follow 010 Allies Vilten
    Passen Psack 019 Neutral Vilten
    Turn Theresa 020 Neutral Vilten
    Haria Yui 029 Neutral Vilten
    Figh Klamp 003 Friendly Vilten
    Fizure Ischtad 008 Friendly Vilten
    Brashi Der Drush 007 Neutral Vilten
    Marxon Brethas 030 Friendly Vilten
    Thiswa Long Hurst 020 Neutral Vilten
    Kessag Stardt 031 Hostile Vilten
    Liak Yusher 023 Friendly Vilten
    Loveya Kitakat 029 Allies Vilten
    Wellas Wells 006 Neutral Vilten
    Huan Kon Situ 027 Neutral Vilten
    Confisha Gilfand 024 Allies Vilten
    Cherish Marige 010 Hostile Vilten
    Marden Jorst 019 Allies Vilten
    Schelle Facke 024 Neutral Vilten
    Down Hea Flamed Flesi 004 Allies Vilten
    Stolsch Valencis 017 Neutral Vilten
    Traid Insira 017 Friendly Vilten


    Known Deities are listed here.

    Ruling Deities
    These are the four main Deities that rule the others. They are the parents of the High Deities - The Ruling Deities will only choose for a high exception and only temporarily

    The Mother - Mother Nature - Goddess of Nature
    The Father - Father Time - God of Time
    Creation - Goddess of Creation
    Destruction - God of Destruction

    High Deities

    Only active, long term players will be considered as Chosen for the High Deities - Active meaning actively posting and getting involved with events and not just playing slice of life.

    Ac - God of Chaos & Darkness, Tormentor of Souls, Breaker of Vows
    Ajin - Goddes of Debauchery & Pleasure
    Amera - Goddess of Medicine & Science
    Briushtadwost - God of Fire & Passion
    Bufoldas - God of Travel & Trade
    Chournk - God of Crafting & Skills
    Corcenziern - Goddess of Communication, Language & Writing
    Envul - God of Warfare & Strategy
    Fel - God of Magic & Learning
    Guhuss - Goddess of Art & Music
    Hela - Goddess of Secrets & Rumors
    Ilbreg - God of Forest & Archery
    Iri - Goddess of Peace & Day
    Likart - God of Home & Hearth
    Makrilk - God of Hunt & Animals
    Ngay - Goddess of Beauty, Love & Desire
    Nillreng - Goddess of Healing, Kindness & Purity
    Nothaum - God of Thieves, Pranksters & Begging
    Suno - Goddess of Fertility & Farming
    Thriaglula - Goddess of Justice & Balance
    Xeje - God of Death & Night
    Yazon - Goddess of Intelligence & Wisdom
    Zodza - Goddess of Water & Sky

    Lower Deities

    These have been granted the ability to choose a Marked. Deities choose Marked in this scenario. These are usually Deities made up by players. You can make up your own Deity and their own small domain, this list is mostly so you can see what is already taken. A Lower Deity always only has one area of expertise. e.g. they can not be the God of the Forest (this is too broad) instead you can choose to go with the God of Deer.

    NOTE: Each of these Deities has a specific purpose. E.G. Goddess of Doves instead of birds, God of Apples instead of fruit, Goddess of French instead of languages etc. Try to keep your deity to something specific. A good rule of thumb is as follows: If it's already mentioned in the list above it's not specific enough. The idea is that you create your own Deity with their own (small) reigning power. So you can see the list of Lower Deities as examples, of which some are already taken by other people. You can make up your own Deity and their domain . A Lower Deity always only has ONE area of expertise. e.g. they can not be the God of Nature (this is too broad) instead you can choose to go with the God of Deer.

    List of Lower Deities
    These are already taken. This might help you figure out what you want, and whether the deity you want is still available. (ctrl + f, fill in the type of god you want to go with, see if it's already listed. If it is, that means it's already taken)

    Aakizale - God of Blood
    Agiogn - God of Fear
    Alain - God of Mischief
    Aok - God of Trees
    Anput - God of Mummification

    Beyark - God of Gears

    Carash - Goddess of Bubbles

    Dalla - Goddess of Amnesia

    Erez - God of Spice

    Hypnos - God of Sleep

    Isana - Goddess of Lyrium

    Jera - Goddess of Opals
    Juodas - God of Obsidian

    Kaln - God of Mountains
    Krekten - God of Needles

    Lagus - God of Gluttony
    Levenus - Goddess of Vitae

    Myenka - Goddess of Melodies

    Qeshia - Goddess of Cherry Blossoms

    Rush - God of Whips

    Trovast - God of Terror

    t.b.d. - God(dess) of Chains

    Roleplay Etiquette

    Some of this might seem like it goes without saying, however we tend to encounter these 'mistakes' frequently enough that we feel the need to put this up. Things will be added where needed.

    1) Do not control/puppeteer someone else's character - It's their character, you, or your character, should not be making any kind of decisions for them unless you have permission from the other player. (Writing someone out when they disappear is different from this)

    2) Don't 'spawn' your character far away from others if you expect them to interact with you - Why would someone suddenly decide that they need to get to the auditorium when they were sitting at the bar on the other side of town with their friends?

    3) Do not expect others to start interacting with your character - If someone posted before you and you want your character to interact with them YOU start the interaction. Otherwise you're going to end up not getting any interaction at all, or with a frustrated RP partner that feels like they have to carry the weight.

    4) Wait your turn - If you are interacting with more than one person at a time, or if the person you are interacting with is also interacting with someone else, you wait for all parties involved in your scene to post. This is in the order of which you're entering the scene.

    5) ASK if it's okay to join an ongoing scene - While the characters might be in public, that doesn't mean they are prepared to have another character enter their scene. A polite 'Is it alright if I join?' Will usually get you a yes and will at the very least give the other players a warning to wait for your post.

    6) Wait for a reaction before you take the next action - If you're going through six actions in one post without the other characters being able to react it's very similar to 'auto-hitting', you're not allowing others to actually interact with your character and what they're doing, but determining that the other character will do as you want them to.

    7) Don't auto hit - This doesn't just go for fights, it's also the case with things like taking someone somewhere, trying to have any physical interaction with them, if a certain type of magic even works on them. Either get permission from the other player beforehand, or state that what your character is doing is an attempt/trying to/assuming this works.

    8) Don't just fix someone's problem - Sometimes a character's story revolves around a certain problem, if you take this problem away the entire story for said character might fall apart. If you think your character can help someone with something make sure you leave room for the other person to say that it doesn't work, or preferably even discuss this beforehand.

    9) Seriously, don't control someone else's character.

    10) Godmodding - Really comes down to most of the above mistakes. People trying to control their surroundings and other people's characters. Just because your character can do a certain thing doesn't mean another character can't do something to stop it.

    11) Take a hit! - Yes, your character has amazing powers, and they're super fast, and super good at everything they do. The only problem? It gets really boring really fast. Your character getting hurt can add to your story, can add to growth. Not to mention, it will lead to less frustration from your RP partners.

    12) Your power doesn't work on everyone! - Sometimes the character of the other person has some sort of defense. So while your character might be amazing at mind reading/predicting the future/can communicate with ghosts, that doesn't mean this will automatically work on every character you come across. Discuss it with the other person, or make sure you use the 'attempting/trying/assuming' in your post, that way the other player can decide whether those things do work on their character.

    13) Sex isn't the end all be all - Yes, we get it, erotic RP is fun, and we're not saying you shouldn't do it at all. If that's all you're looking for though, a group RP is probably not the place for you.

    14) Really seriously, don't control someone else's character.

    So in short:
    Don't expect other people to START interacting with you, start interacting with them.
    If you want to be interacting in a certain scene/with a certain person, don't have your character start far away from where that scene/person is.
    Ask people that are already involved in a scene if you can join.
    Wait your turn.
    Don't make your character 'all powerful'.
    DO NOT CONTROL SOMEONE ELSE'S CHARACTER without their express permission (or to write them out of a scene if the player disappears.)

    These buttons are to help you figure out random things. Either for your character or for other things. For example if you want an NPC working for your character. Or your character is going to travel somewhere.

    Not all Marked families are listed. You can make up your own and how many generations are known of said family. If you would like to have your Family name added to the randomizer and the list you can see in Haven tab let us know.

    For Family names, for those with a * you need permission to play a 2nd Generation.

    The races with the Family name is the race of the heads of family. For example Lane Sorcerer/Werewolf means the 2nd generation has this race/these races.

    Please feel free to use the randomiser for anything else of course!